Revocation interview with Dan Gargiulio – October, 2014

American technical death metallers Revocation are busy and productive as never before at this very moment: their new album “Deathless“ recently faced the daylight under the new, Metal Blade Records roof, as well as guys will hit the road for the tour soon and of course, will visit autumn most awaited metal festival in UK – Damnation. Revocation guitarist Dan Gargiulio tells all about that and more for the

You have just realeased your new album “Deathless”, why such title?

Deathless refers to how much we have persevered as a band. Suffering on the road for our art, working hard at home so we could make enough money to tour, overcoming hardships, van troubles, personal issues, sacrificing things in our lives in order to keep the band going. You can’t kill our spirit.


What inspired you to work on this album, how did all the writing/recording process go?

We have a ton of material, and were ready to record. Instead of waiting a long time we decided to hit the studio asap. We are always writing and we want to put out a lot of music. We won’t wait around, so when we have a full album worth of material we go for it.

How does it differ from the previous ones?

We are more experienced songwriters now, and better players. The material is still varied as always, but it’s darker, more serious. Not to say that there is less rock influence, there certainly is, but the vibe of the album was a focal point for us. This record is the pinnacle of our abilities, as all of our newest records should be.

The band just has moved from Relapse Records to Metal Blade Records. Why? How do you feel about it now with the new material coming out?

Our contract with Relapse Records expired and we felt Metal Blade Records could do more for us worldwide. We want to play to as many crowds in as many places as possible, plus we are honored to be on a roster that features so many great bands.

Which track from the “Deathless” is the finest of the set in your opinion? Why?

My personal favorite is “Scorched Earth Policy”. It’s super fast and technical but it’s catchy, and Dave’s second solo is probably my favorite one he’s ever done. I also love witch trials because it breaks new ground for us, musically.

During your European tour you will come to the Damnation festival in Leeds as well. What can we expect from your set at Damnation festival?

We’ll play a little bit from our old records, a few new songs, and one from our “Teratogenesis” EP. Expect us to tear it up and give the audience our best.

What is your opinion of the Damnation line-up?

Revocation album “Deathless” (2014)

The Damnation fest line-up rules this year. I’m personally super stoked for Wodensthrone, Code, and of course, Bolt Thrower.

Are there any new places you are going to visit during your tour?

This tour will hit a few cities that we haven’t been to before and we are so excited to explore them. That’s the best part of tour besides playing our music – seeing the world, meeting new people.

Any places you would love to play but haven’t so far?

Revocation has played Japan before I joined the band, and I’m hoping I get the opportunity to go there someday.

What are three words to describe yourselves as the band?

Ripping Rock Maniacs.

Last words for the people, who are coming to the Damnation festival and fans who are reading this interview

We can’t wait to play for you guys! Come hang out and drink beer with us!


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