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Rising modern metallers RITUALS draw a line in the sand with the launch of their incoming EP, Awake, out on Friday 3rd September. The fast-rising metalcorers have also just released new single, Turn Away From The Sun. Hit up the video for the track, here – https://youtu.be/BPWH-Yoq778 .

Blending compelling emotive drive with fascinating hooks and full frontal riffage, RITUALS have molded influences from the whole world of metal. In doing so, the Newcastle-based quartet have uncovered a sound that is formidable, diverse, contemporary, and truly enthralling. Although the band were originally formed in 2018, it wasn’t until last year that the meticulous metallers homed in on their own unique blend of modern metal. Throughout 2020, RITUALS rapidly grew their fanbase aided by the release of three successful singles: P.O.V, Snakes Head and False Royal. Each track highlighted the foursome’s constant growth and ongoing development.

The ascending riff merchants’ debut EP, Awake, is another bold step in their progression as a band.  Embracing an exciting heavier direction, which is coated with a massive sense of melody, RITUALS have created their best work to date. The record is jammed with pounding drums, stout sludgy bass lines, and blistering riffery that are superbly accompanied by engaging and anthemic refrains. The band remark about the EP: “Awake is a combination of thought processes. It is about developing a sense of self-worth, whilst realising false realities, and remoulding yourself into the person you’ve wanted to become.  Musically, it is a collection of four songs created in a heavier vein than our previous material, as we strive to constantly evolve our sound.

With a plethora of further material in the pipeline, and a succession of live shows scheduled for later this year, RITUALS are ready to move up the ranks.

Awake’ EP track listing: 1. Awake; 2. Turn Away From The Sun; 3. Blinding To Me; 4. Carved Out.



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