RIVAL SONS announce ‘Electric Man’ dance competition!

Fans of Long Beach rockers RIVAL SONS are being invited to show the band their dance skills, with the chance to win some very special prizes! RIVAL SONS want you to submit a dance routine for their new track, “Electric Man“, and upload it to YouTube for the world to see.  Dance in whatever style you like – either on your own or as a group – and the band will choose the winning routine and even attempt some of your dance moves as a thank you.

Rival Sons Dance CompThe winning entry will receive a special prize package consisting of a RIVAL SONS Record Store Day 7″ vinyl, a signed copy of the new album, GREAT WESTERN VALKYRIE (when it’s released), and a RIVAL SONS t-shirt, plus tickets to the nearest show to you this year with a meet and greet (transport and accommodation not included).

RIVAL SONS drummer MICHAEL MILEY comments:  “I’m a rhythm man; I believe that music is meant to be felt in the body.  I am totally in support and excited about people getting involved and displaying their feelings with an Electric Man dance routine.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the entries.  Dance as if no one is watching, except we will be.”

RIVAL SONS guitarist SCOTT HOLIDAY adds:  “If I saw an organised dance routine to Electric Man on tour this summer, it would make my year.  Bring on the hand jive, baby!”

To enter the competition, simply upload your dance routine to YouTube with the title “Rival Sons Electric Man Dance Competition” and post the video on the band’s Facebook page or Tweet it to the band @rivalsons

The competition deadline is Record Store Day, April 19th.  To qualify, you must also include the following text in the video description:

Get started on your video now by downloading the track “Electric Man” from iTunes.

RIVAL SONS’ new album, GREAT WESTERN VALKYRIE, is available to pre-order now on digisleeve CD and limited edition coloured vinyl at http://www.earache.com/rs14

The album is also available to pre-order now on iTunes, including five bonus tracks plus three instant grat tracks available on the following dates:

“Electric Man” – available now
“Open My Eyes” – April 17th
“Good Things” – May 17th

Listen to preview clips from the full album, including bonus tracks, at

Get more RIVAL SONS news and info:
Official site – http://www.rivalsons.com
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/rivalsons
Twitter – http://twitter.com/rivalsons

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