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Rotten UK

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On 24 December 2016
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An interesting take on genres that just does not quite explode like it should.

Hailing from Rochester, New York and trying to bridge the gap between uk82 and 2016 is somewhat of a tall order. Being on the Hells Headbanger’s label the expectation was something a lot more vicious and unruly.  Instead what we have got is a rounded take on the old uk punk with a bit more speed thrown in and some metal influences. It is just not convincing in its delivery, the vocals are restrained and the band seem to be underplaying instead of really playing straight from the heart. Lyrically it treads old ground from the days of yore with a bit of “satanic fun” thrown in for good measure.  That aside there is some value in this record, once over the above hurdles the songs have a charm about them, “Waiting for the Bomb” and “Animal Sacrifice” being the standout tracks.  The production is what you might expect with this type of record i.e lacking in the bass punch.  This record feels that they are holding back, there is venom in there struggling to get out. The whole thing needs a layer of scuzziness about it and be overall more dirty and threatening. It may just be a generational thing; however with the image the band have and obvious love of what they are doing this would be a perfect gateway for people to investigate this style of music. Perhaps their next offering will get to the threat level I would expect.


1 Phantasmagoric
2 Revolution Moon
3 Waiting For The Bomb
4 Their Dreams
5 Dark Times
6 Reaper Follows
7 Slipping Into Darkness
8 Crucifiction
9 Royal Blood
10 Animal Sacrifice
11 Stagnation Is Sin
12 Long Kiss
13 Deathbeat
14 Back to War

Band Members

Sinn Vicious- Vocals
Matt Sex- Guitar
Jake- Bass
Joel Division – Drums

Rotten Uk

An interesting take on genres that just does not quite explode like it should.

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