Royal Hunt ‘In The Heart Of The City – Best Of 1992 to 1999’

Fads and fashions may change on a yearly basis but class is timeless. The Danish boys have been delivering their brand of Progressive Power Metal for 20 years and this ‘Best Of’ compilation takes us on a journey through the 1990’s era of recently restored vocalist D.C. Cooper, an era which arguably saw the band gain their best commercial success and possibly produce their finest work. Remember albums such as ’Clown In The Mirror’ and ’Moving Target’ and not to mention the almighty opus that was ’Paradox’? all represented here.
It’s easy to forget how big these guys were in the 90’s especially in Japan and mainland Europe, with album sales in excess of 1 million units these guys certainly know what there doing. Tracks such as the lighters in the air ’Clown In The Mirror’, the wonderfully Symphonic ’Tearing Down The World’ and the anthemic ’Silent Scream’ stand the test of time well and indeed demonstrate how pioneering the band were at that time.
With a European tour imminent (the first in many a year) this album serves as an excellent opportunity to rediscover one of the Metal worlds most underrated bands.

Rating 8/10.

Track Listing;
1. Running Wild.
2. Kingdom Dark.
3. On The Run.
4. Clown In The Mirror.
5. Making A Mess.
6. Time.
7. Tearing Down The World.
8. Silent Scream.
9. Fear.
10. Sea Of Time.

Royal Hunt are;
Andre Andersen – Keyboards, Guitar.
D.C. Cooper – Vocals.
Allan Sorensen – Drums.
Andreas Passmark – Bass.
Jonas Larsen – Guitar.

Released through Scarlet Records on the 14th of May.

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