Rozu – A Rose Will Bloom (Singles)

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On 9 February 2019
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Superb hard metal / grunge.
Would love to hear more.

This review is slightly different to my normal reviews. Having been asked personally to check these guys out, it appears there are currently only three songs available, and it isn’t clear as to whether these are part of an EP or are separate singles. So, for the element of doubt, I have collated these into ‘A Rose Will Bloom’, which is on their website as a digital album (Hope this is ok guys).

Not to be confused with Carolina synth group of the same name, Rozu are a four piece hard-metal act from Denver, Colorado. These guys are aiming high and hope to take both local and national scenes by storm. Touring heavily is another another intention of the band.

Even though I only have three songs to make judgement, it’s all I need. ‘Anchor’ is the first offering here. This is very Skindred / I Saw The World Burn. Two bands who I’ve had dealings with of late. It’s an angry onslaught of hard Metal with some great tune-downs. I love the way Tim’s vocals climb. Katie Cairns (ISTWB) does exactly the same thing. It adds something different. A stomping chorus makes this a superb track to listen to. Short, and straight to the point.

‘Faceless’ has a Coal Chamber feel to it. Similar to ‘Anchor’ in terms of anger but slightly slower in speed. Production is very good on both tracks so far, and this can be heard with the bass, which has a fantastic industrial sound to it. Another great track. Impressive.

‘Dissolve’ is the final offering here, and this is the more diverse of the three. The pace is slower, Tim’s vocals have a more melodic element to them, and it has a very Linkin Park sound to it.

From what I’ve heard here, I’m convinced Rozu will be back with what I hope will be a full length album for us to chew over. Three songs doesn’t seem enough for me at the moment so the sooner we have some new material from these guys the better. Check them out.


Tim Graham – Vocals    David Sundine – Guitar    Henry Navarre – Bass    Brian Robertson – Drums

Song Links:   Anchor   Faceless   Dissolve

Band Links:   Official Website   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Spotify   itunes



Superb hard metal / grunge. Would love to hear more.

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