Russkaja are a “Russian Turbo Polka Metal” band from Austria. Their style is a mix of Balkan Metal, Polka and a little bit thrash metal.  Their most famous song is ‘Psycho Traktor’  and always welcomed on festivals e.g. the Wacken Open Air.475_Russkaja

The upcoming album is called “Energia!” and will be released in April 2013 and is their 3th album. What I personally like about the band is the mix of the cultures and metal. And this is also shown on this great album. Some lyrics are a mix of German, Russian and English. A good example for that is the first song ‘Energia’.

All songs have the style of a Russian polka but with much power and influences of thrash and power metal.

Istanbul sounds more oriental and it makes fun to listen that.

Ajajaj has influences of Spanish music and it’s very funny.

The thing is you can’t take the lyrics seriously. It’s a fun metal band but with many success notably in Germany and Austria.

But for people who are open for new metal styles and are interested to listen to this great band I only recommend to buy this album.

I have to say the album is very good but Russkaja are better on stage.

They aren’t a band which should work in the studio they are a live band and it makes always fun listen to them.

Rating 8/10

RusskajaTrack list:



Radost Moja



Violina Mia

Kartuli Vino


Dikije Deti


Tanzi Tanzi






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