SAMAEL – “Lux Mundi” Studio report part 3

The third episode of the studio report is now online. The background music is the song “The Truth Is Marching On” which will close the new album. “Lux Mundi” will contain 12 new original tracks and here are a few words about each song: ” Luxferre ” : Opening track of the album to set the tone musically and lyrically… it was originally called “More Light!” a reference to “Mehr Licht!” which is believed to be the last words pronounced by German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe on his dying bed. ” Let My People Be ! “: Walking the fine line between anarchy and society while prophesying a new era . Middle tempo track with a haunting chorus. ” Of War ” : Musically heavy as heavy can be. This is the second time SAMAEL wrote a complete song on the subject of war. “Valkyries’New Ride” (Solar Soul) was more or less directly inspired by the ongoing war in Iraq while “Of War” treats the topic in a general sense. ” Antigod ” : was the first single released on 19th November 2010. It shows the new album’s direction and gives a taste of what’s about to come. Lyrically the song is a firm stand against any kind of religion. ” For A Thousand Years ” : Heavy middle tempo track which questions our view on immortality. This is actually the full orchestration of the song “Ten Thousand Years” which appears on the “Antigod” single. ” The Shadow Of The Sword ” : The Quran says “the gates of Paradise are under the shadows of the swords”…This is yet another song against religion and more