Samara from Gasoline Thrill Interviewed

This is Lee Walker from conducting an email interview with Samara from the band Gasoline Thrill

LW – Hi Samara, for all of those people who are just coming into contact with Gasoline Thrill as a result of this interview, how did the band come into existence?

Samara – I started the band in 2009 and went through a few people before finding Marf Lewis in March 2010 and Monica Nix in Sept 2010, Dave was the last to join over the summer last year. Marf and Nix were recommended by common friends, it worked instantly on both a musical and friendship level! I had known Dave for a few years, he came initially just to record the drums in the studio in September but he is still here with us today and we‘re not letting him go! lol

LW – How did the transformation from Catfight to Gasoline Thrill come around ?

Samara – The band changed its name to Gasoline Thrill only recently, this summer before entering the studio.  We thought we needed a change, a name no one had to make it easier for people to search online and find us.  Googling ‘Catfight’ would fall onto videos of female wrestling … I liked Catfight mainly phonetically.  It is a name easily remembered but we wanted a fresh name that described our music better.  Gasoline Thrill reflects our unstoppable energy and drive.

LW – What bands/artists have been your influences over the years?

Samara – so many.  As a kid I was listening to The Who, then Aerosmith Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Nirvana. I listened to a lot of metal with Pantera my favourite, NIN were also big in my life.  I also listened to a lot of goth and punk . Regarding what I play , I’d say punk rock mainly, Green Day, The Ramones, Rancid , Social Distortion, The Distillers but I also like early PJ Harvey, the Detroit Cobras, Johnny Cash and I’ve been listening to a lot of Rockabilly and Psychobilly and all the billys in the last 3 to 5 years as well. So pretty eclectic!

LW – You are releasing your debut album “Burn” shortly can you tell the Planetmosh readers what to expect from it ?

Samara – The album is packed with a range of high tempo rock tunes intertwined with occasional quiet dynamics and a twist of metal.  It is eclectic and reflects our varied musical influences.  Let Me Down has some heavy metal riffs while Break is a fast punk track.  Kill Me Again, Burn the Flame are more ballady with heartfelt and angry choruses.

LW – What are your favourite tracks from it ?

Samara – It is hard to say … probably Let Me Down, Not Afraid, Singing and Kill Me Again

LW – How do think the songs you are now creating as Gasoline Thrill compare to your earlier releases as Catfight ?

Samara – Well , we now have four creative forces rather than just me writing so it makes it more interesting, richer and we’re naturally constantly evolving as musicians.  We’re writing better songs and gradually finding our identity.  With Dave Guy joining on drums, we’re now super tight and the focus is on writing killer songs and more elaborate songs although we will never discard our punk rock roots.

LW – I believe you are touring to support the album release. Are you looking forward to it ?

Samara – Damn right – I’m itching for it ! Can’t wait to play to new people and make new friends.

Here is the list of dates:
Thursday January 5th : The Hydrant, Brighton
Wednesday 11th Jan: The Cherry Tree , Kettering
Thursday 12th Jan: The Kinbilly, Northampton
Friday 13th January : The Railway, Bolton
Saturday 14th January : Hollywood and Vine, Hull
Sunday 15th January: The Station pub -Ashton under Lyne
Tuesday 17th: The Borderline ,London
Friday 27th : Riverside , Selby
Sat Jan 28: The Priory, Scunthorpe

LW – Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans ?

Samara – Thanks for your support. Our single NOT AFRAID is now available on iTunes, Amazon and BURN will be available on Jan 10th digitally as well and physically in March.  Please come and socialise with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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