Savage Messiah Review, Hammerfest.

Only just recently witnessed this band when supporting Evile on their UK tour. I saw them on the stage at HMV Ritz, making one hell of an impression. So it was a must for me to see them live again in the Hammerfest experience with a longer set. Their new album ‘Plague of Conciousness’ has made a statement in the metal world. This showed in the audience that had appeared tonight. People had waited till early hours to catch these guys play. They gave an outstanding performance with a set filled with a mixture of their old stuff and new stuff off their new album ‘Masks of Anarchy’ , ‘Plague of Conciousness’, ‘Carnival of Souls’, all going down a treat with their fans and new witnesses.

Many got into the spirit with serious windmilling and pounding fists, not much mosh pits going on but I gathered at half one in early hours peoples energy was limited. Their show held  fast aggression, thundering beats from drummer Mauricio Chamucero, he has such a technical speed that is intense and satisfying. Dave Sliver is an extremely talented front man, his vocal ability is melodic with a rough tone, whilst showing us his guitar skills of sweep picking, two handed finger tapping and alternate picking. In bedded in their music is obviously classic thrash influence of the big four, cleverly putting together music that is timeless and would always be appreciated by the metal scene.

The energy tonight was over powering. These guys are fascinating to watch. They really did out do themselves from the Manchester show and do justice to all the big names that have made an appearance at Hammerfest, truly well done they deserve the credit.




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