Scandelion to Release New Album

Scandelion – “This Place I Don´t Belong” is the tittle of the new album

This Place I Don´t Belong is the title of the new album from the Spanish band Scandelion. Three years after the release of Where Everything Turns Black, their previous work, they return with this new material, which shows a more mature side of the band.


As in previous releases, This Place I Don´t Belong is a conceptual album. These are 9 tracks that span approximately 300 years, through which we are told the story of a soul trapped in a medallion due to avatars of destiny and the fear produced by ignorance towards the unknown, which is inherent in the human being. Witchcraft, nightmares, revenge, a curse … These are some of the elements that shape this intense story in which love and despair surpass the unimaginable and expose the deepest fears of the mind.


A new version of the song Another Fairytale, from their first album The Pureheart’s Breed (2008), has also been included as a bonus track.


The band has also revealed the track list of this new album, as well as the cover, by Jaime López (Jau_max Photography).


The release date is next February 27th and it will be a very limited edition. In addition, it will be available through the best known digital platforms and the announcement of a special event for the release of the album is planned.


This is the tracklist of This Place I Don´t Belong:


Scandelion – “This Place I Don’t Belong” (2020)

1. Dormant Embers of Pain
2. The Last Glimpse of Solitude
3. This Place I Don’t Belong
4. The Scions’ Blood
5. My Beloved Shrouds
6. A Vague Sense of Loneliness
7. Animus
8. Throes of Eternal Hate
9. Mother’s Will
10. Another Fairytale (Bonus Track)


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