SCORNAGE – An interview with the German Thrash Metalers.

Planetmosh caught up with vocalist Guido Grawe of German Thrash Metal bad boys Scornage to talk about the bands history, current album ‘ReFEARance’ and much more.


Welcome to Planetmosh guys.
Firstly, let’s go all the way back to the beginning of the bands history, how did it all start?
Hey there! Well, the origins of Scornage go way back to the mid 80s, when Markus (bs) and Volker (git) founded a little Band called “Graysten”. In 1998, after a few changes in the Line-Up, “Scornage” was born.


What were your early influences back then?


I did see the former Band “Graysten” live a few times and they were totally old-school thrash , so the influences apparently came from that vibe of music; I remember they used to cover some M.O.D. Songs in the early days but you can say that all sorts of Thrash was a big Influence back then, as it is still now.


2004 saw the release of your debut album ‘Sick Of Being Human, that must have been a proud moment for the band, how do you look back on that album now?


You can bet on it!! We were proud as hell, when it was released….our first “baby” .
When I look at it now from my point of view….well….for my first recording it wasn´t that bad…but shortly after the release, there were several parts where I thought: man….you could have done better than that!! So, it was a very important step for us; just to see what is possible and that we need to improve to stand a chance in the music business. There are still some Songs I really like on the Album: “Pain Collector” for example is still a killer song .


Your latest album ‘ReFEARance’ has been out for a couple of months now and a great album it is as well. How did you approach this album in terms of writing and recording?


We just did what we always do….meet up in the rehearsal room, combine our ideas and go for it . We don´t write our music in a scientific way , we just put together what we have and see where it will lead us. We have been together now for quite a while and know what we want to sound like…so it´s always a very relaxed process. When it comes to recording, it´s important to us that the songs are really finished!! We can´t afford to write the songs in the Studio, due to time and money issues….we have to be well prepared to be able to record it in 2 weeks!!


The sound is a great mix of old school Thrash combined with a bang up to date sound. Were you determined to keep that old school vibe?


Sure!! We grew up with all the old-school heroes and that shows within our music. We would never deny our roots, like maybe other Bands did in the past few years or decades…I won´t name any particular Band, but I guess Mr. Hetfield knows what I mean, for example .


Andy Classen did a great job on the production, was he someone you had worked with before?


We just were aware of the work Andy did on other productions and never worked with him before. But we knew he was the right man for us…and we are glad it shows on the album.


Over the years Scornage have gained a reputation as a kick ass live band, what plans have you got to take the new album out on the road?


We are always on the look-out for shows to play live. Since some of us have wives and children it´s hard to pull off a complete tour or something like that…but we try to do as many Weekend shows as we can get.


Is standing on a stage and playing still where the band gets the biggest buzz from?


For sure it is , we love to play live and feel the energy that builds up between us and the audience. Isn´t that what every Band is working for… get something back…and to deliver a certain vibe towards the people….that´s the best part of the whole thing .


Are you a band that’s always thinking of new ideas for material, have you any writing plans in the near future?
Right now I am working on the lyrics for the next release!! And I guess when 2012 is finished (and hopefully the world still exists ) we will dig into the writing process for the next album.
What does 2013 hold for the band, are you working to any deadlines with new releases or tours?


I guess 2013 will be known as the “writing year” for Scornage , we don´t have any deadlines. That´s good for us, cause we can concentrate on the writing and are able to release when we think the songs are good enough…and not because we have to release!! That might do us no good…who wants a mediocre release, just because the time schedule demands it?? And apart from writing, we will play our asses off to present ourselves live .

Finally, for those not familiar with the band give us a flavour of what Scornage is all about.


If your looking for Kick-Ass-Thrash-Metal without compromises….well…we are the deal ;)
Check us out on Youtube and give yourself a picture of what we are about .
Cheerrzzzz Guido “The Voice of Scorn”


‘ReFEARance’ is out now via Massacre Records.


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