scornage_reaFEARance_coverFormed way back in the shadowy depths of 1998, a full 12 months before Prince started partying like it was.. well you know, Scornage surfaced with their full blooded razor sharp brand of killer Thrash ,that up until now has spawned three deservedly well received albums, the latest of which, ‘Born To Murder The World’ from 2009 still stays strong in the mind as an almighty monster of a record.

And so to the present day and the release of the bands fourth and without doubt strongest release to date, ‘ReaFEARance’. What particularly stood out for me from the last album was the drum sound, and I am so so pleased to see that Tom Freyer has delivered one of the most incredible performances a sticksman can deliver on this album. Full throttle, no holds barred from the first strains of opener ’Six Minutes To Fear’ right through to the jaw dropping closer ’Stabbed Again’.

That’s not for a minute to say that the drum assault dominates the bands sound though, Guido Grawe’s vocals trample all in his path a la Carcass in places, whilst the relentless guitar attack is equal to anything that bands such as Overkill and Kreator can conjuror. Tracks such as ’In A Cage’ and ’Coming Back’ for example demonstrate what a well honed and polished machine the band have become, technically superb compositions that will captivate the most discerning fans of Thrash without doubt.

The album as a whole package benefits greatly from having been produced by the wizard that is Andy Classen, famed for previous collaborations with bands such as Belphegor and Holy Moses amongst many others, and it’s his obvious feel and passion for the music that helps lift this album to become something memorable rather than something mundane in terms of production quality.

An excellent, powerhouse of a release that is highly recommended.

Rating 8.5/10.

Track Listing;
1. Six Minutes To Fear.
2. At First I Hate.
3. Frozen Throne.
4. We Bury Our Dead Alive.
5. Face The Blade.
6. Fury.
7. In A Cage.
8. Coming Back.
9. The Holy Rape.
10. Stabbed Again.


Guido Grawe – Vocals.
Volker Rahn. – Guitar.
Tom Bronneberg – Guitar.
Markus Breuer – Bass Guitar.
Tom Freyer – Drums.

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