Seek Irony – Announce Album Release

Seek Irony – Rising out of the burgeoning music scene of Tel Aviv, Israel and recently taking the big plunge over the Atlantic ocean with full relocation to their new home base Austin, TX, USA.
The multi-cultural influences are evident in the band’s music, just like their homeland of Israel, it’s music born out of the many influences and experiences of the individual band members into a cohesive and powerful blend of modern and alternative rock with an electronica twist and yet, it all comes together harmoniously, powered by meaningful lyrics and passionate melodies. It is an entertaining experience of loud drums and guitars mixed with dancy beats, featuring true musicianship, a unique lights show and dancers in costumes, creating an environment where the girls come to dance and the guys bang their heads.

In April 2016 Seek Irony had signed a world wide record deal with UDR Records/Warner Bros. “Tech N Roll” is scheduled to be released world wide July 29th, 2016.

Seek Irony is officialy endorsed by Ernie Ball Music Man Guitars, Dixon Drums, Lugville and Orion Guitar Gear.

Track Listing – ‘Tech N’ Roll’
  1. She
  2. Tech N’ Roll
  3. Devil In Me
  4. Skin 2 Skin
  5. When You Lie
  6. Running Towards the End of the World
  7. Low
  8. Peel Me Away
  9. Ravelution Push
  10. Tragically Driven
  11. Head Above the Water.

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