We sell the dead – Heaven doesn’t want you and Hell is full

We sell the dead

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On February 16, 2018
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A great album with a distinctive sound

We sell the dead is a new band whose members are Niclas Engelin (In flames, Engel), Jonas Slattung (Dromriket), Gas Lipstick (HIM) and Apollo Papathanasio (Firewind, Spiritual beggars).

The album transports listeners to a Victorian world. It opens with background sounds that fit that time period and then you get the sound of a bodysnatcher advertising body parts – certainly not a typical album opening. The band say their premise is “What if Jack the Ripper had played in a band?”. The album doesnt just contain stories based around this Victorian world that Jack the Ripper inhabits – they’ve gone a step further and so far released three videos, all of which are done with the same visual style of animation to make it into more of a multimedia experience. Check out the videos here…

Echoes of an ugly past:

Turn it over:

Pale and Perfect:

As you can hear from watching those videos it’s a great album with quite a distinctive sound. The vocals certainly suit the dark and slightly morbid lyrics, and the music is great. It’s quite hard these days for a new band to come along and not sound like someone else as there are so many bands out there doing all sorts of styles, but We sell the dead have managed to stand out from the crowd. It’s a great album and I certainly look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

“Heaven doesn’t want you and Hell is full” will be released on 23rd February 2018

Track listing:

1. The body market
2. Echoes of an ugly past
3. Leave me alone
4. Imagine
5. Turn it over
6. Too cold to touch
7. Trust
8. Pale and perfect
9. Silent scream

A great album with a distinctive sound

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