Severenth Interview, 18th January 2013

Severenth - 0380During the Metal Festival at the Academy in Manchester I managed to catch up with Severenth, we get talking about them sharing the stage with Skindred, Soil, Bring me The Horizon, 3 inches of blood and many others. They also announce their showcase for Roadrunner….. Enjoy!

Lara –  Let’s get to know Severenth a lot better your debut album was back in 2007 ” The Age Of Paranoia”, over the years you have shared the stage with the likes of Skindred, Soil, Bring me The Horizon, 3 inches of blood and many others……..

Severenth – We’ve been doing what we do for a while now, and we do it simply because we love it.. Sharing the stage with some of the bands you mentioned has been amazing, and sometimes a little surreal..

LK – This year your looking to release an album in March, what can we expect? What stage is the album at the moment?

S – We all feel that the material we’ve been writing over last year is by far our most powerful and interesting, and we are close to completing the writing of our next release..

LK – Is this your second album? If so what other activities have the band been involved in over the years that has prevented earlier album release?

S- No, our second album ‘Reveal’ was released through ourselves in 2011, and received well amongst those that heard it. You can buy it on itunes, or listen to it for free on spotify. We also made a video for our first single release from Reveal, ‘Two Mirrors’ which you can find on Youtube.

LK-  How much have you developed over the years from starting out 2007, sharing the stage with some of the biggest bands mentioned above had any influence?

S- The band has developed in a big way, through practise and maturity we have developed a new love and respect for writing music.. Playing with bigger bands at an earlier stage definitely inspires you and drives you to improve yourself.. I think It’s the best form of practise. we have changed a guitarist and our drummer since then.

LK- Individually what musicality do you bring forward to the band?

S- All of us have a broad taste in Music, listening to bands like Killswitch, Korn and Devildriver helped inspire us back in the day.. Ozric Tentacles, Periphery and Caliban are what the Severenth ear is currently absorbing.

S- Our writing process is done in such a way that everybody brings something to the table, ie a riff/drumbeat/melody.. If It’s liked by the majority, we use it. The process sort of just flows from there.

LK- You have a few gig dates booked already spread across the year, can we look forward to an actual UK tour?

S- We are constantly looking to play places we have never been, and if the chance for us to play a UK tour arises, we’ll do it!

LK- Severenth have played at Hammerfest, Hard Rock Hell Ibiza and Wacken Open Air, how was the experience for you guys and are there any festival announcements for 2013?

S- Being on the road truly is our favourite place to be, and there is no feeling like playing at such prestigious events.. It’s important to remember and make the most of those experiences. We also went to the west coast of the USA in 2010 for a tour, which was amazing! I think it inspired us to truly put everything we have into Severenth.. It’s too early to confirm anything on our festival front, but let’s just say Severenth are excited for 2013.

LK- It has been said that you will be participating in a showcase at Islington Academy for Roadrunner, tell us more………

S- 31st Jan we are taking part in a ‘One’s To Watch’ showcase at Islington Academy. We’re currently refining our set and making sure we give it our all.

LK- There is mention of a new music video to be released with a track off the new album, will there be a concept to the album that will reflect in the video, if not what creative ideas do you have that will interested your fans and attract new followers?

S- Theme and concept will probably play a large role. There are so many ideas to choose from, we have a lengthy process of elimination to go through before we can confirm what our new single and video will entail.. But as i said before, we feel our new material is our most striking to date, and when released should speak for itself.

LK- Thank you very much guys for your time, look forward to catching up with you soon and good luck for your Roadrunner Showcase.

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