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On January 24, 2016
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A great album - 70s style rock with plenty of blues mixed in, and long jams.

Simo will be a new name to most of you, but as an indication of how good they are, it was Joe Bonamassa who brought them to the attention of the record label – any band good enough to impress him is definitely worth a listen.

So, what can you expect?  Well this is rock, with a large blues element mixed in.  There’s a definite 70s vibe to it too, and at times there is a really strong feel of the band just jamming rather than sticking to the song.  While most songs are around the 3-4 minute mark you get two epic length songs – one at just under 10 minutes length and the other almost 14 minutes, and that’s where you get the long jams.

It’s a great album, but the long drawn out jam style of some of the songs might not appeal to everyone.  Whether you like that style or not, one thing is clear – the playing on this album is simply superb, and having seen them perform live at a special press showcase late last year, I can tell you that they’re just as good live if not better.  In fact it’s no surprise that the album reflects their live performances and has that jamming style – the songs were recorded live and are uncut.

“Let love show the way” will be released on 29th January 2016.

Track listing:

1. Stranger blues
2. Two timin’ woman
3. Can’t say her name
4. I lied
5. Please
6. Long may you sail
7. I’ll always be around
8. Becky’s last occupation
9. I’d rather die in vain
10. Today I’m here
11. Let love show the way (Bonus track)
12. Ain’t doin’ nothin’ (Bonus track)
13. Please be with me (Bonus track)

SIMO are:

Adam Abrashoff- Drums
Elad Shapiro- Bass
JD Simo- Guitar, Vocals


A great album - 70s style rock with plenty of blues mixed in, and long jams.

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