SINISTER – ‘The Carnage Ending’

The Dutch Death Metal legends deliver a gem of an album that will send you reeling.


With roots way, way back in 1989 Dutch Death Metal giants Sinister are absolute legends of the genre, spewing out album after album throughout the 90’s of top class, top drawer Metal that rivalled (in my humble opinion) anything any of the so called ‘big’ bands were producing at that time.
Enter the new millenium and the onset of a period of disillusionment within the Metal world as fashion overtook passion and fads and trends became the in thing. The band reformed for a period of time after taking a three year hiatus and set about kicking the Metal world up its backside again having moved from Nuclear Blast to present label Massacre Records, however major line up upheavals again stopped proceedings in 2011 with only vocalist Adrie Kloosterwaard remaining from the previous incarnation of the band. So, Sinister called it a day right?, not a chance, a new line up, a new injection of passion and belief and we arrive with the bands 11th full length album ‘The Carnage Ending’.
This album is total, back to your roots, take no prisoners, undiluted classic Death Metal, played with so much passion and fight that it’s knocked me for six. What a superb vocal delivery Adrie has, never wavering once in its aggressive, domineering assault. Take a listen to tracks such as ’Transylvania (City Of The Damned)’ and ’The Final Destroyer’ to get an inkling of what this band can produce, this really is an album that is hard to fault.
The inevitable comparisons with Slayer I’m sure will rear their heads but that can’t be a bad thing, Sinister however are no wannabes, here stands a band that can write and produce an album that would rival anything the aforementioned and anyone else you care to mention could deliver, and I don’t say that lightly .
The power contained within songs like ‘Defamatory Content’ is pure mind blowing, neck breaking stuff. ‘The Carnage Ending’, the track itself will hammer you through the floor with its insane speed and auditory venom. The list could quite possibly include all the tracks contained herein but not content with giving you 11 tracks of immense slab breaking Metal the band throw out a second bonus disc with the Digipak version which contains 5 bludgeoning cover versions of tracks by the likes of Whiplash, Celtic Frost, Possessed and others.
If your after something different to get for your Gran or the kids this Christmas, give them a helping of this monster of an album. One of the best albums of 2012 by a country mile.


Rating 9/10.

Track Listing;
1. Gates Of Bloodshed (intro).
2. Unheavenly Domain.
3. Transylvania (City Of The Damned).
4. My Casual Enemy.
5. Crown Of Thorns.
6 The Carnage Ending.
7. Oath Of Rebirth.
8. Regarding The Imagery.
9. Blood Ecstacy.
10. Defamatory Content.
11. The Final Destroyer.

Disc Two (Digipak Bonus)
1. Spit On Your Grave (Whiplash cover).
2. Succubus ( Massacre cover).
3. Swing Of The Axe ( Possessed cover).
4. Dethroned Emperor ( Celtic Frost cover).
5. Face Fate ( Bloodfeast cover).


Adrie Kloosterwaard – Vocals.
Dennis Hartog – Guitars.
Bas Brussaard – Guitars.
Mathijs Brussaard – Bass.
Toep Duin – Drums.

‘The Carnage Ending’ is out now via Massacre Records.



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