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SixStringNoise, a four-piece outfit from Greece, formed sometime after 2011’s one-man-band debut “Snowing Bullets While Kissing the Ground” was released. With a lineup (Markos, Nikos X, Alex B, and Alex D) solidified, the band decided to record and release a proper album. Likewise, 2013’s full-length offering, is the result of that recording process.

SixStringNoise - album cover

With ten tracks (and one bonus), the album definitely packs a punch for a listener seeking ‘new school’ rock in the vein of Creed, Shinedown, Muse, or Alice In Chains. The production is clear, sharp, and loud, as it should be for ‘modern hard rock’. Compared to 2011’s release, this album is leaps and bounds better, both in ‘production clarity’ and instrumentation.

What’s quite enjoyable about this energetic band is that they’re not afraid to cross genres or experiment with sounds other then ‘loud, distorted guitar’. While the overall mood or demeanor of the album is definitely hard-edged rock, the band does experiment with different tones and flavors, which adds some interest or variance, and keeps our ears perked. Check out the hilarious ‘stockyard’ beginning of “Backyard’s Fence”, the Western-inspired, uptempo melody in “Dark Slimy Thing”, or the ballady, classic rock tone in “This Time”. By listening to the entire album ‘as a whole’ though, you’ll appreciate this variety more then if you skip between tracks.

Vocals are very nicely performed, and can be very loud or forward in the mix. There is some layering to both the vocals and the guitar, which means you’ll be able to listen to the songs a few times and pick up something new from each listen. Bass and drums are solid, laying a stable foundation for well-crafted songs.

Criticism: The tracks seem to have some issues with their EQ, especially regarding the vocals. There is also a noticeable strangeness in one song where it seems to vary (without pops or skips) between songs, back and forth twice. Since this album was offered as a digital purchase, it followed that reviewing it from the same source material as the purchase would be from, was the best course of action. If the disc was offered as a free ‘demo’ type download, the production flaws wouldn’t really be a problem, but when you’re asking someone to spend money on music these days, it really ought to be very close to perfect.

SixStringNoise - band photo

Overall, the album presents as a genuine band with solid songwriting, skillful ‘chops’, and a willingness to put their music in front of audiences just a short time after they’ve formed. With greater investment in production for their studio efforts, they will go places, quickly. Overall, the album is well-sequenced and well-crafted. It’s neither too shy nor too brash. With some adjustment to your system’s EQ settings, Likewise is a pleasurable, invigorating listen.

Track List with Runtimes:
You Can Do Better 03:32
Prayer Collision 05:24
On Childhood’s River 04:06
Dark Slimy Thing 03:45
Circulations 03:15
This Time 05:11
Everybody’s Gonna Turn Around 04:34
El Monstruo 04:06
Backyard’s Fence 04:30
Has To Be (Bonus track) 05:03

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