Skelator-Agents of Power Album Review

Hailing from the US Agents of Power is their second official studio album from Skelator  from the aptly named Metal on Metal  records.

When I first heard Skeletor’s album Give me Metal or Give me Death I admit I thought they were an old school thrash band due to the awesome raw edge to their music. I do not have much faith in modern thrash but Skelator have proven me wrong in the past so I thought id give it a go.

So lets go!

Track one is called Pulsing Cavern which is an intro track telling the story of Stormbringer and Lord Blade.

Track two The Young Kingdoms starts off a bit slow for my liking and continuing the telling of the story in the same monotone voice.

Fate of the Dreadful Curse is short and reminds me of a song a bard would sing in a Medieval tavern.  Interesting but not what I am looking for if I am honest.

At last! Agent of Power starts off with some thrash and the fantastic high pitched vocals. I am mightily enjoying the uses of the word steel and power in the lyrics.

Gates of Thorbadin is next and has all the same elements as the last track but it is nothing special. The solo is interesting.  I am finding it hard to really get into it, I need more rawness! Far too much pissing about for my liking.

I love the harmonies at the beginning of Dream Dictator. FIANLLY A DECENT SOLO!…4.54 THATS MORE LIKE IT!

If the next track is slower I may smash something.

Finally some Skeletor groove in Rhythm of the Chain and a catchy riff. ‘I don’t give a shit’ Indeed!  And a fucking ace tapping solo. Geeze It’s like two different bands.

Although Overture starts off slower the riff is interesting and catchy. The track picks up at 2.40 to another epic solo and a nice harmony on the main riff.

Elric the Dragon Prince…yes that is the name of the track, bare with me.  See it picks up at 0.50. Catchy riff at 2.08.

Stormbringer and Mournblade starts off fast and thrashy but still lacks that extra something. Epic solo yet again.

The Dark Tower starts off really well for my taste in ‘cheesy thrash’ which this album has become for me. Great high pitched vocals that remind me of Pantera’s old power metal albums. 2.37 WOW, insane guitar tone

Cymoril is a beautiful acoustic track with a electric solo at the end, stunning.

Rubble and Ash is pure thrash, a totally awesome track. Fast, catchy riffs and pure thrash power.  EXCELLENT. Best track of the album.

Elric the Kinslayer carries on at the same pace and power as the previous track, I just love the guitar tone.

Bane of the Black Sword starts with a stunning riff with an amazing Death-like guitar tone, ooo in come the drums and a flourish at the end of the main riff. Loving this. MORE SPEED! Yes indeedy. 3.13 is epic.

The last track is an outro to the alum which tells us the ending to the story of the album.


All the elements are there though I couldn’t get into the album as a whole and I found it difficult to get into the concept story of the album as the talking made me impatient for thrash.  I was expecting something similar to Give me Metal or Give me Death which has certainly coloured my review, but it is certainly not an album to dismiss too rashly.

It is defiantly an album to put on with your metal buddies while having a piss up, mainly because none of them will be able to hit the high notes though I know a few who will try. The last four tracks (excluding the outro) could become favourites if listened to enough to learn the lyrics. The album as a whole however lacked the consistent power and the groove I desire from thrash.


7 out of 10


Band Lineup

Jason Conde- Houston- Vocals

Robbie Houston- Guitars

Rob Steinway- Guitars

Zach Palmer- Bass

Patrick Seick- Drums


Track Listing
1. Agents Of Power (04:52)
2. Gates Of Thorbardin (05:30)
3. Dream Dictator (06:15)
4. Rhythm Of The Chain (04:15)

Elric: The Dragon Prince
(A Tale of Tragic Destiny in 12 Parts)
5. Overture [instrumental] (04:18)
6. Elric: The Dragon Prince (05:15)
7. Pulsing Cavern (00:34)
8. Stormbringer And Mournblade (02:49)
9. The Young Kingdoms (01:29)
10. The Dark Tower (03:27)
11. Cymoril (03:47)
12. Rubble And Ash (04:01)
13. Fate, The Dreadful Curse (01:59)
14. Elric: The Kinslayer (01:52)
15. Bane Of The Black Sword (06:16)
16. Outro (02:21)

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