Skinlepsy – Condemning the Empty Souls

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On 5 May 2014
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Skinlepsy's Condemning the Empty Souls reviewed briefly at @PlanetMosh.

skinlepsy - condemning the empty souls - album cover artDowntuned, digital, distorted, and defiant. That’s the first impression of Brazil’s Skinlepsy, who released their debut, Condemning the Empty Souls, on Shinigami Records. Nicely balanced, the recording is listenable even at low volume, but packs more punch “cranked up” a bit. This nine-song (with one intro) full-length album is nothing extreme metal fans haven’t heard before, several times. Picking out the Slayer (Hell Awaits era) and Morbid Angel influences are no-brainers; the Beneath The Remains era Sepultura requires a few more seconds to elucidate. This is not headbanging, circle pitting material: it’s too fast for that. There are sparse, thrashy “breakdowns”. Skinlepsy prefers to refer to themselves as brutal thrash metal, which is appropriate if you can thrash to blastbeats. Aggressive, hateful, and negative, the album definitely embodies the raw power of extreme metal. Recommended for fans of aforementioned bands, plus late 90s through early 00s thrash and death metal.

Track Listing:
Crucial Words
Condemning the Empty Souls
Crawling as a Worm
Perversions os Racial Hatred
Pride and Rancour
Regressing From the End
Global Desolation

Band Lineup:
André Gubber – Vocals, Guitar
Luiz Berenguer – Bass Guitar
Evandro Jr. – Drums

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Skinlepsy's Condemning the Empty Souls reviewed briefly at @PlanetMosh.

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