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Skinner Release New Single and Video ‘Orphans of Liberty’

“Orphans of Liberty” is the 2nd single & video to be released off of SKINNER’s 2014 full-length album “Sleepwalkers”.


The song is a salute to the men & women of the US armed forces that have served or are currently serving their country. The track features SKINNER’s signature triple lead guitar attack delivered with precision by father\son team Robert Kolowitz & Grant Kolowitz, and rounded out by shredder Alfred San Miguel. Combine that with a fast hard hitting rhythm section featuring Noe Luna (Drums) & Jim Pegram (Bass) the end result is a high energy metal track that will get any head bangers attention. Vocalist Norman Skinner never disappoints and delivers yet another spectacular vocal performance in this passionate power\thrash anthem.

The video directed by Mike Sloat (Testament\Machine Head) is a live\lyric video hybrid and features live footage of SKINNER recorded at The Annex in San Lorenzo, CA mixed with photographs of American soldiers submitted by fans from around the world.

Sleepwalkers - Cover
Sleepwalkers – Cover

Skinner – 2014 Promo
Vocalist Norman Skinner comments on the video concept: “When I wrote the song I wanted to give a true heart felt nod to the men and women of our armed forces. I realize, as do many others, that they do not have a choice of where they are sent or what their orders are. They are simply soldiers working and fighting to protect our freedom. Just because we may not endorse or believe in the reasons our government has sent them where they are does not mean we shouldn’t support our troops. If you don’t support them then they are Orphans of Liberty. When coming up with ideas for the video it only seemed appropriate to reach out to our fans and ask them to submit photos of their friends & family members that had served or are currently serving in the military. They came through and it is those real images that make this video great in our opinion.”

“Orphans of Liberty” appears on the album “Sleepwalkers” released in 2014 on Dead Inside Records.

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