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On February 1, 2019
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This release is an excellent album and one I definitely recommend you listen to.

To celebreate their 25th anniversary, Skunk Anansie are releasing a 25 track live album – 25live@25. Of course a standard live album is a bit too normal and uninspired for Skunk Anansie so they’ve added their own twist to it. Rather than the album being recorded at a single show, or at a series of shows on the tour then edited together, Skunk Anansie have released what can best be described as a trip through the live archives as the songs on this album weren’t recorded on the same tour or even in the same year, but come from many different shows over the years. A live album seems a fitting way to celebrate their anniversary as no matter how good their albums are, it’s their live shows where they truly shine with Skin being a superb frontwoman – able to captivate and control a crowd better than almost any singer anywhere. Skin featured as a cover star for Classic Rock’s ‘She Rocks’ issue last year as well as picking up the ‘Inspirational Artist’ Award at Music Week’s Women In Music Awards 2018 – just a couple of signs that the group is as relevant and influential now as they’ve ever been.

Check out the video for “Charlie big potato”…

Skin’s voice is still fantastic, the rest of the band always put in great performances, and with a very strong catalogue of songs to choose from then Skunk Anansie have put together a great live album. They’ve chosen a great selection of songs to include with a mix of soft/slow songs and louder faster ones. Really they’ve put together a perfect introduction to the band

Check out the video for “Hedonism”…

Skunk Anansie have already announced some European festival dates for the summer and will hopefully follow those with a UK tour – this is a band that sounds as good as ever and always put in fantastic performances at their live shows.

This release is an excellent album and one I definitely recommend you listen to.

Track Listing:

Disc: 1
1. Charlie Big Potato
2. Intellectualise My Blackness
3. Because of You
4. I Can Dream
5. Charity
6. My Love Will Fall
7. Death to the Lovers
8. Twisted
9. My Ugly Boy
10. Weak
11. Hedonism
12. I Hope You Get to Meet Your Hero

Disc: 2
1. Love Someone Else
2. This Is Not a Game
3. God Only Loves You
4. (Can’t Get By) Without You
5. Secretly
6. Over the Love
7. Spit You Out
8. Yes It’s Fucking Political
9. Selling Jesus
10. Little Baby Swastikkka
11. Tear the Place Up
12. Squander
13. You Saved Me

This release is an excellent album and one I definitely recommend you listen to.

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