Slash, Manchester Apollo, 8th October 2012

Ginger Wildheart and his band of rock n roll outlaws were a great choice as an opening act last night at the Manchester Apollo,. They got a thunderous welcome and hit the stage running with ‘Sonic Shake’, ‘Girls are better then the boys’, before the “everybody on stage jump about’ fun of ‘Suckerpunch’. The 30 minute set was way too short for the people there, and they we’re shouting for more long after the band had left the stage, it was one of the strongest performances from Ginger I have seen in a long time.


1.Sonic Shake
2.Girls Are Better Than Boys
4.Mazel Tov Cocktail
5.Vanilla Radio
6.Anyway But Maybe
7.S.I.N (In Sin)
8.I Wanna Go Where the People Go



The houselights dimmed, a massive cheer went up as Myles Kennedy took to the stage, a single spotlight then picked out Slash, and the whole place erupted.
Swaggering to the front of the stage Slash brought the house down with the opening chords to Halo, before launching into the old Gunners classic Nightrain.
Myles’s voice sounded great despite his recent problems, and he sang his heart out on tracks like ‘Ghost’, ‘Standing in the sun’ and ‘Back from Cali’.
Then it was back in time again for ‘Mr Brownstone’, and Myles had the whole venue singing along.
Midway through the set Myles left the stage and handed vocal duties over to bass player Todd Kerns, nobody seemed to mind, as Todd lead the band into ‘We’re All Gonna Die’, another great trip down memory lane, back to the old Gunners school with ‘You’re Crazy’,and ‘Out Ta Get Me’. Todd continued vocal duties on ‘Doctor Alibi’, before Slash took over with an epic solo, leading into ‘Anastasia’, then it was time for Myles to make a welcome return, the crowd went mental as he joined Slash back on stage. ‘You’re a Lie’ followed, with the crowd loving every second of it, they then all got to sing there hearts out when Myles let the crowd sing ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’.
‘Slither’, the classic Velvet Revolver track ended the set, before a welcome encore consisting of ‘Fall to Pieces’ and finally ‘Paradise City’.
Slash made a welcome return to Manchester last night, and for that one night, Manchester really was Paradise City.

Standing in the Sun
Back From Cali
Mr. Brownstone
Just Like Anything
Rocket Queen
No More Heroes
Bad Rain
We’re All Gonna Die
You’re Crazy
Out Ta Get Me
Doctor Alibi
Blues Jam / Guitar Solo
You’re a Lie
Sweet Child O’ Mine
Fall to Pieces
Paradise City

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