Slough Feg – Digital Resistance (Metal Blade)

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Slough Feg

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On February 25, 2014
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Another blinder of a release by the mighty Slough Feg. You cannot afford to be without this band.

SloughFeg-Digital ResistanceSlough Feg have been in business since the early 90s and are now presenting their ninth studio album on a major independent label. This band have released album after album of quality heavy metal channeling Maiden, Lizzy and the NWOBHM. While the influences are obvious the overall sound is unique and no one else sounds like them. Opener  “Analogue Avengers/Bertrand Russell’s Sex Den” kicks in with full band including vocals, no time for intros, into a harmony guitar part with the other worldly vocals of Mike Scalzi who has a tinge of Family vocalist Roger Chapman. Slough Feg albums have no respite; they grab and pull the listener along, the intertwining riffs and frantic drumming rule supreme throughout. The lead single from the album “Laser Enforcer” is the most straightforward track on the album with a sound that harkens back to early Maiden, a great single but not one that prepares you for the rest of the album. “Magic Hooligan” with its laid back intro complete with acoustic guitar before a frenetic drumming pattern arrives with high speed riffs  and a pace which is up there with the fastest Slough Feg have ever done. There are hints of past albums like “Traveller” which is one of the great releases of the early 2000’s, the production is not big and smooth but rough and ready sitting in a sound spectrum where it cannot be simply left as background music. This releases album again delves into Slough Feg’s unique blend of traditional metal, progressive rock with a splattering of folk. The album closer “Warrior’s Dusk” displays this in the best light with the chugging riffs and infectious twin melodies weaving between the chugs with an acoustic guitar laying down an additional element which may cause them some problems live. The band are one of the greatest metal bands of the last 10 years and this is yet another feather in their cap which hopefully now will be recognized by more people.


  1. Analogue Avengers/Bertrand Russell’s Sex Den
  2. Digital Resistance
  3. Habeas Corpsus
  4. Magic Hooligan
  5. Ghastly Appendage
  6. Laser Enforcer
  7. The Price is Nice
  8. Curriculum Vitae
  9. The Luddite
  10. Warrior’s Dusk


Band Members


Mike Scalzi – Guitars, Vocals

Angelo Tringali – Guitars

Adrian Maestas – Bass

Harry Cantwell – Drums

Another blinder of a release by the mighty Slough Feg. You cannot afford to be without this band.

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