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Snowy White and the white flames – The Situation

Snowy White and the white flames

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On March 24, 2019
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A great album - well worth a listen

British guitarist Snowy White has been a member of Thin Lizzy, woked with Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac), been a backing guitarist for Pink Floyd, has toured with Roger Waters as part of his band on “The Wall live” tour, and has been releasing albums regularly since the early 1980s. This then is a seriously talented guitarist – you don’t get to work with acts like those without having a lot of talent.

It’s a blues album, and while it does feature some superb guitar playing, there’s never a feeling that it’s written around the guitar as you get with albums from some guitarists. Sometimes the guitar is fairly prominent but at other times it’s a lot less so, all depending on what works best for the song.

There’s a great variety of music here – all fairly bluesy but with plenty of variation in pace and style. It’s all lovely and melodic and I’m a big fan of the vocals – smooth and with a laid back feel.

The instrumental, “LA skip” is one of my favourite tracks on the album – it’s got lots of great electric guitar work, a great rhythm and it’s a track I can happily listen to again and again.

On this album as I’ve mentioned already it’s not all about the guitar. Yes there’s beautiful guitar playing to enjoy, but there’s also some great percussion and keyboard playing. It’s one of those albums where it’s hard to find anything where you think “I wish that was different” – it’s simply full of great music.

It’s a great blues album – well worth a listen.

“The situation” will be released on 19th April 2019

Track listing:

1. The situation
2. This feeling
3. LA skip
4. Can’t seem to do much about it
5. Crazy situation blues
6. Blues in my reflection
7. Why do I still have the blues
8. You can’t take it with you
9. Migration
10. The lying game
11. Hard blues
12. I can’t imagine

A great album - well worth a listen

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