Soldierfield – Bury the Ones We Love

Soldierfield formed in late 2011 with the aim of putting a bomb under the contemporary metal scene according to their press release.  Their debut EP ‘Bury The Ones We Love’ is a 5 track introduction to their style and just what lies ahead in the future from them when an undoubted full debut follows.

From the off Soldierfield produce a solid metal offering that manages to fuse elements of progressive, commercial rock and shades of heavier tones into a very strong debut EP.  They remind me a great deal of fellow brit-metallers Furyon who also have that almost heavy commercial prog feel.  There’s great song direction, riffage, melody and structure throughout, no surprise though given the pedigree and experience of the band members.

The EP starts off with title track Bury the Ones We Love and immediately it draws to mind some of the heavier moments that Dream Theater could throw out coupled with a Nickelback styled commercialism that would make them radio friendly too.  Leigh Oates has enough aggression in his voice to power not just this song but the EP in full, while still producing finer moments of control and melody in places. There’s a great clarity of production from the off on this EP, exemplified in the opening track and the driving backbone of the band with Jeff Singer and Simon Priestland on drums and bass respectively providing the solid foundation on which Andy Trott and Steve Wray are allowed to let loose and wrap their guitar work around.

Second track Feel Alive maintains the power and has a huge, grooving riff running through it that you know would have an audience bouncing in unison and singing along with the soaring chorus. Leave You In The Dirt roars right in behind this with a ferocious riff and speed before it kicks into another great pounding track full of attitude and aggression while still allowing for a brief melodic piano interlude that sits perfectly within the track.

Skyflower shows the softer, more melodic side to Soldierfield in full with a lilting melancholic ballad that also chucks in a rip snorting solo section before the EP is closed off with final track The Path.  Soldierfield save the heaviest and most complex track to last with this one. It pounds its way through you showing the band can do heavy at the drop of a hat while still keeping the melody firmly at the forefront of the music.  The middle section has some powerful work from Jeff Singer on drums and a wonderful fading acoustic end.

The sign of a good EP is that the end of it only makes you want to hear more and Soldierfield do that in a fine manner.  It’s a solid beginning for this band and promises much for a full debut album which I’m sure won’t be far around the corner and I’m sure will be well received and to me is already anticipated greatly.

Bury The Ones We Love is released on 29 October 2012 via Metalbox Recordings.

Rating: 8/10

Track Listing:
1. Bury the Ones We Love
2. Feel Alive
3. Leave You In The Dirt
4. Skyflower
5. The Path

Soldierfield are:
Leigh Oates – Vocals
Andy Trott – Guitars
Steve Wray – Guitars
Simon Priestland – Bass
Jeff Singer – Drums


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