SON OF AURELIUS: New Album “Under A Western Sun”

Son of Aurelius
Son of Aurelius

After parting ways with their label and releasing a few playthrough videos independently last year, emergent progressive technical metal band SON OF AURELIUS seemed like they were about to take a long-deserved break. Rest assured, they are doing no such thing. In fact, SON OF AURELIUS is back with a vengeance, ready to release their brand new crusher of an album, Under A Western Sun. The brilliant 72-minute, 15-track stunner is a 100% independent project – no crowd funding, no record label, and self-produced (with some assistance from engineer Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios, of course). Under A Western Sun comes directly from the minds of SON OF AURELIUS to your ears, no bells and whistles required.


Under A Western Sun will hit digital retailers on June 3, 2014 and comes four years after the band’s breakout album, 2010’s The Farthest Reaches, an album touted as, “insane… every metal fan should listen”, and Metal Injection called, “one of the most gushed-about death metal records of the year”. Under A Western Sun is available for pre-order at


Don’t mistake this as The Farthest Reaches part two, however. While the band still maintains the technical sound and progressive influences that fans have come to expect, Under A Western Sun builds upon the basis of the band’s existing sound while boasting clear musical growth and a fairly substantial change in style. SON OF AURELIUS is eager introduce the new sound to fans, so along with major supporters, the band has unleashed the first single, entitled ‘Clouded Panes’. Stream it here. The track kicks off as a melodic progressive anthem, with the band tearing into their signature technical riffage as the track progresses.


“Since the release of The Farthest Reaches, the band members as individuals have really opened up to the new and different styles of music being released across genres,” states guitarist Cary Geare. “For Under A Western Sun we’re trying to incorporate some new ideas and dynamics that were previously lacking on the last album.”


Under A Western Sun track listing:

1. Return to Arms

2. Chorus of the Earth

3. The Weary Wheel

4. Coloring the Soul

5. The Stoic Speaks

6. Attack on Prague

7. Flailing Saints

8. A Great Liberation

9. Clouded Panes – Listen Here

10. Blinding Light

11. The Prison Walls

12. Submerge & Surface

13. Long Ago

14. Under a Western Sun

15. Strange Aeons



SON OF AURELIUS is taking their long-awaited official return to the metal scene one step at a time. Although the band is abstaining from the trials and tribulations of touring for the time being, the band is ready for an active 2014, including more work on their existing podcast, ‘Aurelicast’, a show about all things music, games, and more.


Geare adds, “We’re going to ease back into playing live shows again later this summer, but in the meantime we hope to connect with our fans as much as we can. Right now we’re scheduling out the next spat of podcast episodes. The next one we’re working on will take an in-depth look at Under A Western Sun, so keep your eyes out for that one.”


One thing is for sure – SON OF AURELIUS has most certainly returned and is holding nothing back. This summer, no matter where you are, you’ll be Under A Western Sun.




Spencer Edwards (Drums)

Cary Geare (Guitars)

Riley McShane (Vocals)

Max Zigman (Bass)



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