Sonata Arctica Millennium Music Hall Cardiff 23/03/2011

Sonata Arctica Millennium Music Hall Cardiff 23/3/11

Support: Triosphere And Labyrinth

This was my first time at this venue and it is a good one. The room has good sound and you can see the stage from just about anywhere.


Unfortunately due to problems with my pass I missed the start of the set and the chance to shoot them.

Formed in 2004 Triosphere are a female fronted melodic heavy metal band from Norway. I was half expecting most people to be standing by the bar as they were the first on, I was wrong. They sounded good as I got closer to the room and I was surprised to find everyone down the front. They have the mix of heavy and melodic just right. If you haven’t heard them before they are well worth checking out.


Set list:


Human Condition



Onwards Pt II

Next up is Italian power metal band Labyrinth. Originally formed in 1991, the current line up is Andrea De Paoli (keyboards), Alessandro Bissa (drums), Roberto Tiranti (vocals), Olaf Thorsen (Guitars) and Sergio Pagnacco (bass). They played a good set and went down well with the crow, especially when they asked them not to use words like Berlusconi.


Set list:

The Shooting Star

In The Shade

A Chance

New Horizons

Sailors Of Time

Sonata Arctica

It all starts with a countdown on the stage lights. As the whole crowd count down the band walk on stage, minus one, Tony Kakko (Vocals). As the crowd are cheering he appears and the band kick in to Flag In The Ground. There was something slightly off but this was sorted before they move on to The Last Amazing Grays. The rest of the set continues without a hitch with a mixture of material from the last album and previous ones. After ending the encore Tony announces that the live DVD will be released next month and that there will be
a new album before Christmas.


Set list:

Flag In The Ground

The Last Amazing Grays



Blank File

As If The World Wasn’t Ending

Paid In Full

Victoria’s Secret

Instrumental Pate (Solo)

The Misery


In Black And White



Don’t Say A Word

Vodka (Hava Nagila)

Everything Fades To Gray

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