Soph Day from Alunah interview

I caught up with Soph Day, vocalist and guitarist in Alunah after I reviewed their album White Hoarhound’,  to find out more about the band how they began etc, favourite bands/records and what their plans are and so on.

Who formed Alunah and when?

It kinda happened by accident, I was at a Sonic Lord show which was Dave our guitarists previous band. Dave and I got chatting to a guy at the bar who we always saw around at stoner/doom shows, that guy turned out to be Jake our drummer. I’d had too much to drink and suggested that Jake and Dave have a jam, I went along for a laugh and ended up singing on one of the tunes they were jamming. Thats how it all happened.

How were the rest of the band found?

Gaz our bassist joined in 2009 to replace our previous bassist. We met him through his other band General who he plays guitar for, we always used to get on really well with the General lads – they’re always up for a laugh and are an awesome band! When we approached Gaz about joining us on bass he was well up for the idea and hes been a perfect fit!

Who are your major influences?

We have so many influences that we throw into the pot, you can probably hear a lot of them in the music as we tend to wear them on our sleeve! Between us Id say the main influences would be Black Sabbath (of course), Acid King and grunge bands such as Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. Personally, Janis Joplin and Robert Plant are my favourite vocalists – Im hugely inspired by their style of bluesy singing whilst holding down an awesome melody line! The two ladies who inspired me to want to take singing in a band seriously are Lori S from Acid King and Tairrie B of My Ruin, who I have been a fan of since her Manhole days.

Is there a main songwriter in Alunah or is it a band effort?

We all play a part in structuring the songs. Dave tends to write all the riffs, but because Gaz is primarily a guitarist he also has some killer riff ideas! I write all the lyrics and vocal melodies, but everyone has input regarding putting it all together and making it work.

You had a killer sound on White Hoarhound, what amps do you use?

We used a combination of amps in the studio, Dave used a Matamp GT120, I used a Sound City 120 and Marshall JCM 900, and Gaz used an Ampeg bass rig.

Any future tour plans?

Not touring so much in 2012, but we have some great shows coming up with Gentlemans Pistols, Undersmile, Conan, Black Magician, Ides of Gemini and our friends in Bastard of The Skies. Arkham Witch and Gods of Hellfire.

Next year we have some pretty awesome tour plans and well make sure Planet Mosh know about them once they’re finalised.

Who was the 1st band you saw?

The first band I ever saw was aged 13 at Aston Villa FC Leisure Centre in Birmingham, and it was the Manic Street Preachers on their Everything Must Go tour which was the first they did after Richey disappeared. Catatonia and Gorkys Zygotic Mynci supported. My Dad and my Godfather took me to the show as I was underage, they had a bottle of vodka confiscated which when I told my Mom she was not impressed hahaha. I went through an obsessive Manics phase but they’re new material is not to my taste. Gold Against The Soul and Generation Terrorists are their best albums by far!

Have you a favourite studio and live album? 

I have so many favourite albums, most important to me are “Cheap Thrills” by Big Brother and the Holding Company, “Dummy” by Portishead and “On Fire” by Spiritual Beggars. Im not a massive fan on live albums, there are very few I have actually managed to sit all the way through.

Ill listen to Janis Joplins live recordings over and over again, I think her live performances are some of her best! One live album I do love is Life of Agony “20 Year Strong” which was released a few years ago, theyre an awesome band who Ive had the pleasure of seeing live twice.

Thank you Soph for taking the time out to complete this interview.

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White Hoarhound

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