Sorcerer’s Spell – Islington O2 Academy -18/02/12

Before I go on some of you looking at the date and the venue for this gig will be thinking “Hold on didn’t Alestorm play there that night” and you would not be wrong however the Planetmosh team have already reviewed an Alestorm show from just a few nights previous on the 9th in Manchester (you can read that review by clicking here) the reason I am here tonight is to witness the triumphant return to the stage of Sorcerer’s Spell.

Sorcerer’s Spell are a six piece power metal outfit fronted by one of the recent additions to the band Mitchell Emms, Guitars are supplied by Paul Templing (one of the original line up and one of the original founder members) Andy Whittle (the second new addition) whilst on the bass and drums it’s David Stanton and Ben Turk respectively and completing the line up and supplying the keys (and good looks) we have Amy Turk.

Doors at the Islington O2 tonight were at 6.30pm with Sorcerer’s Spell on at a rather early 6.40pm, now for something remarkable, we all know that advertised door times are somewhat flexible in the promoter’s/venue’s/band’s (delete as applicable) favour however this evening they opened up for us a full five minutes early!

I made my way into the venue and I was slightly surprised to find the barrier two deep already so grabbed a quick beverage and joined the third row, approximately 10 minutes later the lights dim and the intro music begins, I shoot a quick glance backwards to check what sort of numbers the guys would be playing to and the venue was filling up fast!

The guys opened up with “Skeleton Throne” a magnificent galloping power metal track, it begins with some intricate guitar parts with the all important keys slicing their way through and Mitch lets loose his vocal assault on the audience then slows for a brief section rising back to full speed for a solo, now I can’t comment on the rest of the venue as I was focusing on what was being played out in front of me however the front three rows were absolutely loving this band.

A very short lived set (the guys only got four songs) and the finished with what in my consideration should every head bangers anthem the very aptly titled “Jägermeister Metal” which is a perfect fist pumping, chorus chanting tune which takes full grip of the now full Islington O2 and takes us with them to their final note.

I really hope to see these guys moving up the bill of the shows they play and if you’re a promoter out there I suggest you get in contact with them and help them on their way up!

What a fantastic start to a Saturday night out, thank you Sorcerer’s Spell!

Full Set list: Skeleton Throne, Chasing Shadows, Somewhere Beyond the Sea, Jägermeister Metal.

Overall: 9/10 (yes they were that good)

Check out their Official Facebook here for songs and listings and stuff!

Photo courtesy of Sorcerer’s Spell

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