SOS Festival, final line up and day splits announced

The final running order and day splits have finally been announced for this years SOS festival, held in Manchester.

All the details can be found here

FRIDAY (Dean Hocking Stage)
Absolva 10.20pm (80 mins)
Babylon Fire 9.20pm (40 mins)
Pythia 8.20pm (40 mins)
Strain 7.20pm (40 mins)
Beyond Salvation 6.20pm (40 mins)
Doors open 6.00pm

FRIDAY (Metal Nation Radio Acoustic Stage)
Cadence Noir 9pm & 10pm (15 mins & 15 mins)
Vice 7pm & 8pm (15 mins & 15 mins)

SATURDAY (Dean Hocking Stage)
Attica Rage 11.00pm (60 mins)
Crimes Of Passion 9.20pm (40 mins)
Vicious Nature 8.20pm (40 mins)
Lord Volture 7.20pm (40 mins)
Dakesis 6.20pm (40 mins)
Ritual King 5.20pm (40 mins)
A Jokers Rage 4.20pm (40 mins)
Aonia 3.20pm (40 mins)
Crowsaw 2.20pm (40 mins)
Idestroy 1.20pm (40 mins)
Soma Dark 12.20pm (40 mins)
Doors open 12:00

SATURDAY (Metal Nation Radio Acoustic Stage)
John Sloman 10.05pm (45 mins)
John Doyle 8.00pm & 9.00pm (15 mins & 15 mins)
Matt Jones 6.00pm & 7.00pm (15 mins & 15 mins)
Matchstickmen 4.00pm & 5.00pm (15 mins & 15 mins)
Kye Jones 2.00pm & 3.00pm (15 mins & 15 mins)

SUNDAY (Dean Hocking Stage)
Knock Out Kaine 9.45pm (60 mins)
Massive Wagons 8.20pm (40 mins)
The Idol Dead 7.20pm (40 mins)
Bigfoot 6.20pm (40 mins)
Control The Storm 5.20pm (40 mins)
Twisted Illusion 4.20pm (40 mins)
Gang 3.20pm (40 mins)
Diggeth 2.20pm (40 mins)
Promethium 1.20pn (40 mins)
Hell’s Addiction 12.20pm (40 mins)
Doors open 12:00

SUNDAY (Metal Nation Radio Acoustic Stage)
Chris Appleton 9.00pm (40 mins)
Gemma Fox 7.00pm & 8.00pm (15 mins & 15 mins)
Asylum City Zoo 5.00pm & 6.00pm (15 mins & 15 mins)
Fall Girl 3.00pm & 4.00pm (15 mins & 15 mins)
Harriet 1.00pm & 2.00pm(15 mins & 15 mins)

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