Spiral Dive, Gridlocked, Decidian – Bangor (North Wales) – 23/02/13.

North Wales Metal returns to warm your cockles.


Another night beckoned at the Railway Institute for what has now become a regular date in the local gig calendar. North Wales Metal is now pretty much established and gaining a reputation for showcasing local talent as well as drawing quality bands from further afield.

Garin, Decidian

First on stage tonight are local(ish) band Decidian who have been going through some changes recently, most notably the switch for frontman Garin Hughes to step out from behind the drum kit and take on vocal duties, a job which he seems to relish and is pretty bloody good at as well. Musically the band are in the realms of Deathcore but have enough about them to maintain a fresh sound and a youthful spark that makes them worthy of keeping an eye out for. For a bunch of young lads to be able to put a set together packed with original material (bar a cover of ‘Holy Diver’) is very commendable and indeed refreshing to see.




GridlockedAfter a short break, it’s time for Gridlocked to carve things up with their catchy blend of old school Heavy Metal, Thrash and Groove Metal, which is quite a mix of influences but the band really pull it off well. Anton Roberts is excellent on vocals, providing a strong focal point for the set whilst Nathan Field on bass is able to conjure a strong infectious groove vibe to proceedings, which makes for a very enjoyable set. The bands material is strong as well, playing for an hour with consummate ease, tracks such as ‘Hellfire’ and the excellent set closer ‘Mosh’ can not fail but get you on your feet. I must admit that this was the first time I had seen this band play live, I’m sure it wont be the last.





Headliners Spiral Dive play one thing and one thing only, Rock with a big fat capital ‘R’, if these guys can’t get your arse Spiral Diveshifted then you’re probably beyond all reasonable hope. In Tony Coleman the band have a really top drawer lead guitarist, throwing out solo after solo with ease whilst doing a very good Zebedee impression but thankfully, managing to stay onstage. I guess you can pick up elements of early Metallica in the bands sound, ’Grinder’ being a great example of how these guys can tear a stage up but they also manage to combine old school Metal with a freshness and an all important fun element that brings a smile to everyone’s face watching. Tracks like ’Jump Mother F**ker Jump’ are perfect Saturday night anthems, guaranteed to get any venue bouncing. If you haven’t caught this lot on the live circuit yet, make it a priority to do so.



An excellent nights entertainment all round, there can’t be many better ways to banish the Winter blues than listening to quality live music played the way it should be played, loud.

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