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Spreading The Disease

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On January 9, 2016
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Full throttle metal delivered by Spreading The Disease on their promising debut studio release Viral.

Spreading the Disease

2016 has got off to a noisy start thanks to the 5 noise merchants who make up Kent based bruisers Spreading The Disease. Formed in late 2014 by bass guitarist Steve Saunders with the line up complete within 6 months, a lot of promise is shown on this refreshingly genre defining 4 track debut EP entitled Viral. It will be going viral (pardon the pun) officially on Feb.27th 2016 but is available now from the bands website at http://www.stdband.com/ 

Opener ‘F.U.C.K.U’ hurtles along on a headbanging inducing old school thrash metal main riff and the guttural vocal delivery from Adam May is a taster of what is to come. ‘Lost Generations’ contains another throat ripping onslaught as Adam snarls and roars over Godzilla stomp riffs that are pushed aside by a fizzing lead guitar solo midway. ‘Bulldozer’ does exactly what the title says with  Burn My Eyes era attention  grabbing riffs. The menacing vocals raise the intensity levels even higher as an eerie breakdown midway is the calm before the storm turbo charged thrash finish.

4th and final number ‘Evolution’ is my personal highlight here. Off kilter drums, guitar lines and an eccentric vocal gave me the impression of the brutality of Mushroomhead crossed with the inventiveness of now defunct funk metallers Bullyrag. A strong ending to a raging EP and the band are currently writing for their full length debut album due to be released late spring/summer 2016.

Spreading The Disease band :-

Steve Saunders – Bass guitar.

Edd Saunders – Drums.

Julian Riquelme – Lead guitar.

Martin Osborne – Guitar.

Adam May – Vocals.

Viral EP track listing :-


Lost Generations.




Full throttle metal delivered by Spreading The Disease on their promising debut studio release Viral.

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