Stormborn – Purple Turtle – 17.01.2012


Logic would dictate that for my first gig review I’d go for a band more well-known on the gig circuit, a band that’s been on the scene for years with a large and loyal fan base. But I thought I’d do something different today and bring to your attention a relatively new band that’s slowly taking the metal scene by storm.

Stormborn are a 5-piece heavy metal band hailing from London who provided much entertainment at London’s Purple Turtle back in January, and are currently leaping up the ranks in a competition that will see the winners play Bloodstock Festival this summer. Andy, Dave and Laurence, drums and guitars respectively, have been together performing 5 years prior to their newly-formed current line-up alongside bassist Steve and seasoned vocalist Carl Casagrande. Together they bring an energetic and charismatic -first-ever- live performance that shows the ill-suited older two bands on the bill how it’s done.

They open with Survive, a fast-paced yet easily listenable track which shows off their initial skills accordingly. Carl’s breathing control is put to the test here with little issue. Dave and Laurence’s seemingly united choreographed stances are a small but noticeable quirk which continues into the set. Survive isn’t as heavy as I like, but it does sound impressive in a live setting, and Stormborn do get more intense as the songs continue. The biggest response of the set was their cover of Aces High, a belter of a tune created by the gods of NWOBHM Iron Maiden. Carl coped with Bruce’s air raid siren rather well with very few issues in pitch. A few more live shows ending with this and they’re on to a winner.


Their presence definitely outshines everyone else here. They look the part, and work as well as a band who have been around longer. Carl weaves in and out of the group and dominates the stage, his tight and clean tenor vocals resonate to the back of the room, while Dave and Laurence provide the dual guitar assault on the senses. Steve and Andy both lay down the foundations for a fist-thumping, headbanging journey which remind the listener of Dragonforce drummer Dave Mackintosh, and even early Maiden. All in all these boys work hard, and it shows in their body language right down to the supportive reaction of the crowd. With a bit of support and encouragement they have the potential to make a considerable dent on the local metal scene. They need to work on putting more of their personality on display for the crowd (only one windmill, guys, do more!) as bigger bands are not only known for the music they play but for how they act on stage, however once they settle into the swing of things I’m certain we’ll be seeing something special coming our way. A very good debut nonetheless and looking forward to the future.

  Personally recommended, high-energy heavy metal that’s sure to set the eardrums ringing. 8/10

Their setlist is short but sweet, with chugging riffs and soaring melodies throughout:

  • Survive
  • No Mans Land
  • Source of All
  • Scorched Earth
  • Aces High

Their debut album is currently being recorded, with Matt Hyde at the helm. Check out their Facebook page at for tour, news and album updates.

Review and photos bu Veronica Maiden save logo image courtesy of Stormborn

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