Straight Line Stitch – Bournemouth – 18/11/11

When you think of Knoxville, Tennessee , you don’t really picture a five-member band fronted by a female who’s screams can give any guy on the music scene a run for his money. But, Straight Line Stitch is just that. Somehow, vocalist Alexis Brown can dance on the fine line between sounding innocent and feminine whilst producing rage-filled growls which even tough guys can’t help but stand up and notice. Something that sounds so risky can only come from having the confidence of living in a home town where metal isn’t really associated with. You can’t really dismiss this band as something that sounds like something else, they are completely unique and this is the reason Straight Line Stitch are going to go far in the tough music scene.

Alexis isn’t what she seems to be, on stage she is a tough and rough rock chick who’s growls make you think twice about messing with her. But once she’s off the stage, she’s the kindest girl to walk the earth. In their show supporting Lacuna Coil on 18th November 2011 at The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth she was constantly thanking the fans at the end of songs and at the end of their set. It’s heart warming to see a band who find the fame a shock compared to a band who just expect the crowd to love them.

Their first song, Tear Down the Sky really set the scene. Alexis’ throaty and rough screams lead the track, followed by Seth and Kris’ catchy riffs. Jason’s solid bass line is hard to miss as he dominates the stage with such an energy it’s hard not to get excited about this band. And drummer Kanky brings such a beat that your head just can’t help but bang along with it.

Never See the Day really got the crowd going, but for me, it was Laughing in the Rearview that got my blood pumping. Despite the almost clichéd screamed verse, the chorus is stuck in your head for weeks to come. Bar Room Brawl and Conversion held up their end of the bargain and really helped the crowd get going. Although most of the crowd had no idea who Straight Line Stitch were, they certainly made them feel welcome.

At the end of the night, the band were signing things, selling merch and taking photos. Not once did I hear someone say they didn’t like them and throughout the steady stream of new fans talking to Alexis, she made the effort to shake every single hand, ask names and introduce herself.

This band is something special and I cannot wait to see what they do next. Their latest album is The Fight of our Lives and will completely improve your playlist.

Written by Jourdan Robinson

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