Sunkfest 2013 – 16th-18th August 2013

Sunk Fest 2013
Sunk Fest 2013

Sunk Fest is a Rock/Metal/Alternative music festival held annually in the secluded countryside parish of Sunk Island (which is a small countryside hamlet in East Yorkshire, about 18 miles East of Kingston Upon Hull) and since 2007 it has developed into a real asset for the local music scene.

Sunk Fest prides itself on its ethos of  “passion, not profit” and is probably the biggest and most successful party of its kind in the region! For 2013 Sunk Fest will have live music from some of the region’s (and beyond) finest alt. bands, food stalls/bar and all manner of good times!

Full weekend with camping – £10
Full weekend without camping – £8
Friday day ticket – £4
Saturday day ticket – £5

Please note camping is only available for full weekend purchase, if you are sleeping off-site (ie local B&B) a camping ticket is not required.

Tickets are on sale via the website at along with further information on the event itself.

With the line-up confirmed, they will be regularly announcing more acts in the run-up to the event.

Dakesis – Birmingham
Counting Coins – Hull 
Treason Kings – Leeds
Diementia – Glasgow
Down to a Deathmatch – Hull
Anti-Clone – Boston
Innersylum – Hull
Juggern0rt – London
Savage Outlaw – Birkenhead
Half Deaf Clatch – Hull
Voodoo Vegas – Bournemouth
The Colour Line – Hull
Dirty by Design – York
The Council – London
An Act of Treason – Hull
The Kingcrows – Leeds
Fantasist – Manchester

official Sunk Fest site
Sunk Fest Event Page


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