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Denim And Leather nwobhm Festival – Slade Rooms,Wolverhampton,29/9/2012

  September 29th 2012 was an important day for fans of nwobhm music  as the Denim And Leather festival staged 5 bands whose musical styles fit the bill. Gaskin, Praying Mantis, Weapon and Stampede were playing when the movement began in the late 70’s/early 80’s but opening band Agincourt, although …

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Agincourt, Hard Rock Hell festival, Prestatyn, 3/12/2011

Midlands based band Agincourt had their work cut out on the nwobhm stage,having to follow 2 awesome sets from Stampede and Bronz but they rose to the challenge by giving us 8 tracks from their excellent debut album ‘Angels Of Mons‘. Even a few technical difficulties arising from Paul Anderson’s …

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Agincourt – Angels of Mons

  Agincourt.Even by the name of the band,one can conjure up what is in store here.Classic hard rock/ metal played by experienced musicians.To my ears it is unashamedly NWOBHM.Big riffs,catchy hooks/choruses,no ott guitar solos,just written to fit the mood of the song and a lung busting vocalist.The vocalist here is …

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