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October 31 – The Fire Awaits You (Re Release)

@LouellaDeville_ @PlanetMosh reviews Meet Thy Maker by October 31 OUT NOW on .@hellshead666 October 31 are an American heavy metal band formed in Virginia in 1995 by King Fowley of Deceased (he isn’t actually deceased as I first thought when I read King Fowley Deceased but is the vocalist/drummer in the band …

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October 31 – Meet Thy Maker (Re-Release)

@LouellaDeville_ @PlanetMosh reviews Meet Thy Maker by October 31 OUT NOW on .@hellshead666 October 31 are an American heavy metal band formed in Virginia in 1995 by King Fowley of Deceased (he isn’t actually deceased, as I first thought when I read King Fowley Deceased, but is the vocalist/drummer in …

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Suns Of Stone – ‘Suns Of Stone’

Suns Of Stone

.@Planetmosh reviews the self-titled album by @sunsofstone, out now on Bad Reputation Records. Canadian quartet Suns Of Stone follow a southern-edged blues rock path that has been trodden by a thousand predecessors, and while it may not be the most original route to follow they find their way along it …

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Axel Rudi Pell – ‘Into The Storm’

.@Planetmosh reviews #IntoTheStorm by #AxelRudiPell, out now on #Steamhammer It’s hard to argue with German axeman Axel Rudi Pell‘s pedigree… this is his 15th studio album in around 25 years  – which is a feat (especially when you couple that prodigious output with nearly as many cover sets, live releases …

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Alien Ken – Contact

Contact by Alien Ken is released 26th January 2014. Who is Alien Ken? You may ask. Best know for his work with K(nine) and Moth Circus, Alien Ken now has a solo project with music described as Alien/Coffin rock! Claiming to be from Zeta Reticulli, Alien Ken has written produced …

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Nashville Pussy – ‘Up The Dosage’

Nashville Pussy Facebook Cover Photo

.@Planetmosh reviews #UpTheDosage, the new album from @bashfulpuppy, out now on Steamhammer Sex, drugs, women, drinkin’, rock ‘n’ fuckin’ roll… that’s all that really matters to Nashville Pussy (well, let’s be honest, it’s all that really matters to any of us, isn’t it) – and it just about summarizes the …

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Pleaser – One Night In Paradise

Rejoice, hair metal fans, the genre still lives, although it’s migrated to Japan and… Brazil. Pleaser, from Brazil, have released their One Night In Paradise disc. Steel Panther they are not… Pleaser seem average players who take their party rock seriously. @PlanetMosh reviewer Louella DeVille states “(Pleaser is) reminiscent of …

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Behemoth – ‘The Satanist’

.@Planetmosh reviews the new album from @BehemothBand, released on @nuclearblasteu on January 31. This tenth album from Polish blackened death metallers Behemoth is one which sees them coming back from the brink of extinction, signalling as it does the return of band founder and frontman Nergal from his almost life-ending …

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Promises- Promises by Kill Choas

.@planetmosh reviews .@killchaosmusic out on field-records.com/store Nothing kills Chaos, not even line-up changes, this alt rock band have been hit by the line-up jinx since 2007 raising out of deceased band Hinterland.  Celebrating a decade rocking out together Darren Clewes, singing/guitar), Gavin Treliving (singing/bass recently recruited Tom Waddingham to batter …

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Assacrentis – ‘Put Them To Fire And Sword’

Assacrentis Logo

.@Planetmosh reviews the debut album by #assacrentis The French resort city of Nice may be located on the sunny Mediterranean coast, but that does not mean that it is not soaked in darkness, as this debut album from veteran local black metallers Assacrentis – originally formed by vocalist/guitarist Dagoth as …

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Chrome Division – Infernal Rock Eternal

Heavy Metal band Chrome Division release their fourth album Infernal Rock Eternal on January 17th (Europe), January 20th (UK) and January 21, 2014 (North America) via Nuclear Blast Records. Chrome Division was founded in Denmark in 2004 by Shagrath of Symphonic Death Metal band, Dimmu Borgir with Lex Icon of The …

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Kampfar – ‘Djevelmakt’

Kampfar - Djevelmakt Artwork

.@PlanetMosh reviews Djevelmakt by @Norsepagans – released on @IndieRecordings on January 27 Kampfar’s latest offering – their sixth album in their 20-year career – is inspired by its artwork,  a 1981 oil painting by Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński, but is described by vocalist Dolk as “not a concept album per …

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Zodiac – A Hiding Place

German rock band Zodiac released their sophomore album A Hiding Place on 29th October 2013 via Napalm records. Their debut album ‘A Bit of a Devil’ having been released in 2012. A Hiding Place gets off to a rousing start with Downtown with a good beat, good rhythm, good riffs. …

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The Peckham Cowboys – ’10 Tales From The Gin Palace’

The Peckham Cowboys -n 10 Tales From The Gin Palace Artwork

@Planetmosh reviews @_PeckhamCowboys out Feb 14th on @CargoRecords The collective group of rawk ‘n’ roll outlaws known as The Peckham Cowboys are not a tribute to Delboy and Rodney – although they may take some of their inspiration from the exploits of the brothers Trotter:  no, these wild ‘n’ reckless Sarf Lahndon …

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Jizzy Pearl – Crucified

Crucified is the title of the self released album by Jizzy Pearl released today (13th January 2013). I started out reviewing Love/Hate’s latest album but then found myself reviewing  a Jizzy Pearl solo release when Jizzy re-branded Crucified after rumours of proposed litigation by former members of Love/Hate. The forthcoming …

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Dogface – Back on the Streets

Having retired to the Doghouse (so to speak) for over ten years. Swedish rockers Mats Leven (vocals) and Martin Kronlund (guitar) have resurrected Dogface with new members Mikael Carlsson on bass guitar and Perra Johansson on drums. Dogface last released albums Unleashed in 2000 and In Control back in 2002. November …

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Bones – Sons of Sleaze (Album Review)

Bones first started playing together in Chicago thrash band Usurper. After Usurpers demise Jon and Joe started jamming in 2009. Chris joined later that year and Bones was disgorged upon us!

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