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The Senton Bombs – Outsiders

When your live show is like four of the Inbetweeners necking a ruck of Monster drinks before going onstage to let all hell break loose, it must be a daunting task for The Senton Bombs to capture that vibe in the studio but with forthcoming studio album release Outsiders on …

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Uriah Heep – Living The Dream

. With a career that started way back in 1969, amassing twenty four studio albums on the way resulting in forty million sales, latest release Living The Dream is a welcome addition to the arsenal of Uriah Heep. Currently available via Frontiers Music Srl its eleven tracks entertain from start …

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Vomit – Punk Rock Past and Present

Intro Who would have thought that historic market town Congleton would have heard of Punk Rock music but Vomit spewed forth from there over forty years ago! Forty-one years ago, to be precise, and they have recently self released a double album of tracks past and present. The album was …

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Satan – Cruel Magic

This is my second review of 2018 that features the majestic vocals of Brian Ross. The first being Blitzkrieg and now from Satan with their devilishly new album Cruel Magic. Currently available via Metal Blade Records who state in their press release that the album is “Ten tracks of searing …

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Van Canto – Trust in rust

A Capella metal band Van Canto made their name with their covers of classic songs from bands like Nightwish, Sabaton, Metallica, Manowar and more. On this album however there are only two cover versions – Helloween’s “Ride the sky” and ACDC’s “Hells bells”. On the one hand it’s admirable that …

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Torqued – Resurgence

I was lucky to catch these lunatics at Bloodstock Open Air Festival in 2017 as Torqued tested the resilience of the New Blood Stage with their seismic onslaught. So fast forward a year and they have just unleashed an over the top six track EP titled Resurgence, available on digital …

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Vicious Nature – VII

Never mind nature calling, when Vicious Nature call you had better be ready for some over the top heavy metal, point proven by their current six track EP VII available on physical CD from the band or an unlimited streaming and high quality download options from Confidential Records. The fearsome …

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Theia – The Ghost Light

Burton Upon Trent based Theia have shown great promise with the studio album releases of Back In Line and Take The Pill but it has been fulfilled by the latest opus The Ghost Light. Out now on WDFD Records with eye catching artwork from Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art …

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Airrace – Untold Stories

It’s a return flight for me with Airrace as I first saw them support Ted Nugent at the Hammersmith Odeon in Feb 1984 and here I am today reviewing their executive class new studio album Untold Stories, released by Frontiers Music Srl on August 10th 2018. Laurie Mansworth returns with …

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Ryders Creed – Ryders Creed

Ryders Creed should surely call themselves Apollo Creed because of the way they come out swinging throughout their self titled debut album. Since they formed just over a year ago they have toured hard and it shows judging by how they have honed these ten songs down. Recently released on …

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Ghost – Prequelle

Ghost - Prequelle (Cover)

It took me a while to get on the Ghost train. I stupidly dismissed them as a novelty band but their headlining set at Bloodstock Festival in 2017 got me on track and the journey is now even more full steam ahead with the release of their fourth studio album …

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Toledo Steel – No Quarter

Toledo Steel - No Quarter

At last, the wait is finally over. Southampton based metallers Toledo Steel unleash their debut album No Quarter via Dissonance Productions on June 1st! Now back to a five piece the album opens up with ‘Behold The Machine’ but never mind the machine, behold these riffs that burst out of …

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Doomsday Outlaw – Hard Times

Back with their latest album Hard Times. Derbyshire powerhouse Doomsday Outlaw deliver a fantastic, dynamic, contemporary album with a twist. I say twist because the album is diverse whilst been true to their roots, the songs are varied in creativity that will have you rocking from it blues induced start to its …

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Rose Tattoo – Blood Brothers (2018 bonus reissue)

I bought the first four studio albums from Sydney, Australia based Rose Tattoo back in the early 80’s but I’m not sure how this blistering album Blood Brothers slipped past my radar in 2007 so thankfully it has been given another airing with an added bonus of six live tracks …

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The Sloths – Back From The Grave

The Sloths - Back From The Grave (Cover)

The Sloths have just released Back From the Grave in Europe via Eternal Sound Records. Who are The Sloths? You ask. What is a Sloth? You may ask. The Sloths were a garage rock band from Los Angeles, active for a short time in the mid sixties, playing covers of …

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Heartbreak Remedy – Memento Mori

Classed as an E.P but you get a whopping seven tracks on Memento Mori from Heartbreak Remedy! Available now from all major streaming sites it impresses on all levels. Now trimmed down to a trio opening track ‘Octane’ bursts in on a bluster of riffing from Luke Blair, snappy snare …

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Praying Mantis – Gravity

Praying Mantis - Gravity

Summer is almost here and what a way to herald the sunshine with Gravity, the brand new studio album from Praying Mantis! They have always been on the melodic side of the NWOBHM genre, point proven by the impressive 2015 release of Legacy and their song writing form is just …

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Anthrax – Kings Among Scotland

Anthrax - Kings Among Scotland

As live albums go this is as damn near as good as being at the gig itself as Anthrax thrash their hearts out to a vociferous crowd at the Glasgow Barrowlands Ballroom on this double CD Kings Among Scotland, due for release by Nuclear Blast Records on April 27th 2018. …

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Blitzkrieg – Judge Not


The NWOBHM movement throws up so many influencing bands, one of whom is Blitzkrieg, formed in 1980 with original vocalist Brian Ross still remaining. His haunting croon can be heard on their latest studio album Judge Not, released on Mighty Music on April 27th 2018 and will be celebrated by …

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Bulletboys – From Out of the Skies

Bulletboys a Rock n Roll band from Hollywood, California were founded in 1988 by former members of King Kobra and Ratt. Thirty years later with more former members (see here) than years service, including some famous names such as DJ Ashba, Steven Adler, Jason Hook and Chris Holmes, the band released their …

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