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Abracadabra – Ulan Bator

Quite why a French duo decided to name themselves after the capital of Mongolia is anyone’s guess, but over twenty years later Ulan Bator are still going strong, even if founding bass player Olivier Manchion left at the turn of the milennium. Remaining member Amaury Cambuzat has valiantly continued on …

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Ulan Bator To Release New Full-Length Album ‘Abracadabra’

Ulan Bator To Release New Full-Length Album ‘Abracadabra’ in January 2016 More than twenty years of career and still the same faith in music, French avant-rock/experimental long-time project Ulan Bator will be back next year with a brand new full-length called ‘Abracadabra’. The official release is planned on January 26th through Acid Cobra Records/Overdrive …

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Manimalism – Manimalism (Adversum)

What is post black metal really mean? It is a tag that provides a convenient and lazy description for music which deserves much more analysis and respect. This is what has been said about this band, it is far from the reality. As far as taking your time to put …

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Omb – SwineSong

Progressive Israeli metallers, Omb have released their self-produced debut, SwineSong. Middle-Eastern acoustic leanings tailored with blackened thrash are the order of the day in this schizophrenic body of work. It’s their pushing of the creative boundaries that proves to be the album’s downfall. Tossing everything into the cauldron does not …

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