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Metal 2 The Masses Ireland – Heat 2 – 24/01/2015 & Interviews

Metal 2 the Masses Ireland had its second heat on Saturday night and it turned out to be another belter of a showcase for Irish Metal. Six bands went head to head on a night that was filled with excitement, aggression, technicality, camaraderie (yes, camaraderie) and damn good fun. Black …

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The Unleashed Festival 2 (Day 3) – Fibber Magees, Dublin – 14/09/2014

A beautiful hot and sunny Sunday afternoon walk down to Fibber Magees it was, until PlanetMosh descended into the humid murky bowels of the club for the final day of this year’s Unleashed Festival. This last day was an all-ages affair and the gathered minions were definitely excited for the …

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Sworn Amongst/Awaken Dominion/Katabolisis/By Conquest Or Consent/All The Kings Ashes – Voodoo, Belfast – 10/10/13

Belfast’s Voodoo has had some great nights of Metal since its opening and tonight’s line-up promised to dish out yet more metal mastery. Eventually after getting tuned, relatively new local band All The Kings Ashes opened proceedings with an energetic performance with all but the drummer spending some time in the …

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