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Carved – Dies Irae

Every genre, musical sub-division, has its artists who epitomize its highest standards, and others (the vast majority, if truth be told) who are content to be pulled along on the coat-tails of said leading lights, often becoming mere pale imitations of the innovators who have gone before them.  Metalcore is …

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Adimiron – K2

Adimiron hail from Italy and have been in existence since 1999. This is their third full length release and their first on Bakerteam Records. The bands 2004 debut release in the bands own words was “ a good death metal release”, since then they have moved in a very different …

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Lykaion – ‘Nothin’ But Death’

It’s taken these four Italian signori nigh on nine years of solid gigging in their homeland to get round to unleashing their particular brand of old-school, straight-through-the-middle metal on the rest of the planet. Taking their name from the twin-peaked mountain in the central Greek Peloponnese, where the sacred altar …

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