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Unhinged – Nostalgia

Unhinged a punk rock band from Stourbrige in the West Midlands released their debut album Nostalgia on 11th December 2015, having formed in the summer of the same year. On their facebook page they site their influences  as “Oasis, H2O, The Offspring, Linkin Park, Pennywise, Agnostic Front and Clutch.” Nostaligia with …

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Vanity BLVD – Wicked Temptation

Swedish Rock band Vanity BLVD released second album Wicked Temptation via Noiseheadrecords earlier this year. Fronted by Anna Savage, with a powerful voice similar to Sally Cato from Smashed Gladys. A fantastic second album, worth a listen for fans of Eighties Glam Rock. The opening track Dirty Rat reminded me …

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Zodiac – A Hiding Place

German rock band Zodiac released their sophomore album A Hiding Place on 29th October 2013 via Napalm records. Their debut album ‘A Bit of a Devil’ having been released in 2012. A Hiding Place gets off to a rousing start with Downtown with a good beat, good rhythm, good riffs. …

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