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Rated Rebellious: A Playlist by Nick Oliveri

PlanetMosh’s latest ‘playlist guest artist’ is California’s own (in)famous Nick Oliveri. At various times, as an integral member of Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Mondo Generator, Dwarves, Bl’ast!, and as a solo artist with The Uncontrollable, bassist and multi-instrumentalist Oliveri has been at the forefront of desert rock, hardcore …

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Bl’ast – For Those Who’ve Graced the Fire! [EP]

California’s Bl’ast, one of the “founding father” primal hardcore punk bands, has returned with its first new music in two decades. A five-minutes-and-change listening trek, this two song EP, titled For Those Who’ve Graced the Fire! quickly whets fans’ appetites for more. As before, the band’s core members remain Clifford …

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