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Boston. Life, Love & Hope cd

Tom Scholz has made no secret that this sixth release was intended to emulate the classic Boston sound, even using the same amps, instruments, and analog equipment he’s worked with for the past 35 years. The easily recognizable Boston sound is best remembered in tracks like “More Than a Feeling”, …

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Revocation – Revocation

Revocation is a band that I have liked for quite a while. I was looking through the albums to review and this one immediately came to notice. Unfortunately, I have really mixed feelings about this album. After bringing out their single “The Hive” I was a bit neutral about the …

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Anthrax – Anthems

When you get to the position and standing in the industry that Anthrax are in as a band you’re allowed certain indulgences. Their latest album, EP, collection, call it what you will is most definitely an indulgence for the guys. It’s also a good look into some of the artists …

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