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Fozzy – Interview with Chris Jericho – October 2015

PlanetMosh had the privilege of chatting with the charismatic frontman Chris Jericho of US metal crew, Fozzy ahead of their upcoming UK Tour (See dates below). Interview by Miley Stevens Fozzy are deeply proud of their fans, and like how they don’t conform to the metalhead stereotype. “We take great …

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Metal Allegiance to release debut album in September

After the recent announcement that the all-star Metal Allegiance project will be releasing an album of original material, it has been confirmed that the self-titled album is scheduled to be released worldwide on September 18 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Brought together by principal partner Mark Menghi, ‘Metal Allegiance’ features appearances by Philip H. Anselmo, Charlie Benante, …

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Fozzy – Belfast, Limelight 2 – 04/03/2015

Sometimes you walk into a gig not really knowing what to expect – and tonight was just one of those occasions.  Mainly because, if I’m honest, I’m not a big fan of bands which could be perceived as “superstar vehicles”, especially as many of them are just that – vanity …

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Toseland – ‘Renegade’

Toseland - Renegade artwork

Like most self-respecting music fans, I have a real bee in my bonnet about so-called “celebrities” attempting to jump on the rawk ‘n’ roll bandwagon and establish their street creds by recording an album and playing a few gigs before returning to their various degrees of infamy and disappearing back …

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Fozzy interview with Chris Jericho, Glasgow 30/11/12

Chris Jericho of US rockers FOZZY took time out when they came to Glasgow with SOiL and Breed77 to chat to us about the tour and how life is treating the form WWE wrestler. To see photos taken at the gig click here FOZZY are: Chris Jericho – Vocals Rich …

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Fozzy – Sin and Bones Review

Fozzy, heavy metal curio or bona fide band? The brainchild of Rich Ward and Chris Jericho, they’ve spent the past decade shaping the band and moulding it into what we see and hear now through the release of their forthcoming album “Sin and Bones”. Truth be told, “Sin and Bones” is Fozzy’s …

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