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Cut Up in the Studio to Record New Album for Early 2017 Release

Cut Up in the Studio to Record New Album for Early 2017 Release! Good news for all you deathslayers out there, Swedish Death Metal killing machine CUT UP has entered the Big Balls Productions studios in Sweden to record the successor to their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Forensic Nightmares‘! Drummer Tobias Gustafsson …

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Dew-Scented – Intermination

Veteran German and Dutch extreme thrash-death act Dew-Scented has released its tenth and latest studio effort, titled Intermination, on Metal Blade Records. The digital edition of Intermination contains 15 tracks of high speed malevolence that promises to sweep rage and fury across the airwaves. The band seeks to build inter-album …

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Entrails – Obliteration

Fans of the original wave of Swedish death metal are in for a treat, from Entrails‘s latest release, Obliteration. As the band says, it’s ten tracks of “death metal and nothing else.” Entrails formed around the same time that bands like Entombed and Grave were just beginning to garner some …

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