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Megadeth – Dystopia Album Review

Let’s not pretend – Super Collider and Thirteen were…questionable at best. This left me wary as I sat at my desk ready to hear the latest offering from Megadeth. Half the band had left in the last year, leaving Ellefson and Mustaine with what looked like nothing to continue the …

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Bloodstock – Sunday August 10

Bloodstock 2014 logo

The sun dawned over the final day of Catton Park… well, it would have if it could have been seen through the heavy clouds and incessant rain which had unleashed itself over southern Derbyshire in the early hours of the morning and showed no sign of abating a sodden campers …

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Megadeth – Super Collider

Judge it as a Megadeth album and I have a feeling the majority of 'Deth fans are more than likely going to be disappointed. Gone is the speed, the ferocity, the technicality, the balls to the wall aggressiveness of the likes of Endgame and The System Has Failed. This album is very much an extension of what was heard on Th1rte3n and also reminiscent of the style of World Needs a Hero.

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Red Lamb – ‘Red Lamb’

It was probably inevitable that, almost 30 years down the line, some members of the ‘Big Four’ would start collaborating at one level or another – but the teaming of Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine and original Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz may not seem to be the most obvious couple to …

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