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Chopping Mall – Mauled By A Magical Bear With Scalding Hot Liquid Cheese Spraying From It’s Eyesockets

Wisconsin’s most brutal deathgrind band from one man wonder Koth Dolgomoru pile drive this stunning, funny and pulsating album straight into your faces with no mercy whatsoever. An effort full of insane song titles and even more insane hard-driven riffs, it’s an album that will make anyone who hears it …

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Cropsy Maniac – Carnage

The eight cuts of grindcore and death-grind from Cropsy Maniac on this E.P. pack a lot into their short running time, with no track lasting more than two and a half minutes Carnage is a frenzied, brutal and rewarding listen. Cropsy Maniac is a goregrind band with members hailing from …

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Parricide – Auntie Annie’s Belfast – Thursday February 21st 2013

Given the size of Northern Ireland’s Polish population – and the assumption that a healthy proportion of them should be heavy metal fans – it is somewhat surprising that, outside of tonight’s headliners and their entourage, every accent in the room is a local one (in some shape or form) …

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